DVD Drive not being recognised on PC

  Amer 11:02 30 Mar 2009


Would appreciate any help on this one.

I was attempting to burn some pics to a CD but the process froze. I then manually stopped it and tried again. But now thw drive is not recognising any disc I put into it. Won't even play a music CD. When I put any disc into it and view on explorer, it shows nothing and computer dsays, 'please insert disc'. The second DVD drive in bay below is fine (this is not a recording one).

Any help much appreciated

Amer Khalil

  howard64 11:04 30 Mar 2009

right click my computer - properties - hardware - device manager - left click the plus sign for cd/dvd drives - highlight the drive - properties - uninstall. Reboot the pc and with luck it will be found and reinstalled correctly.

  Amer 11:15 30 Mar 2009

Hi, Have followed your instructions howard64 but still no detection of cd in the drive. Under the device manager it shows that the device is working properly(???). Is there anything else I can try?

  emily3543 11:22 30 Mar 2009

1)create a restore point.
2)go on run and type regedit and press enter
3)HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Class/{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/from right pane delete "UpperFilters" and lower filters by following this link
4) restart the computer.

  Amer 11:31 30 Mar 2009


Sorry if I am being thick, but I am still a bit of a novice. I have typed in regedit and can see the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE on the left as part of the explorer typre display. How do I find the filters you refer to? At the moment the right pane just shows 'Default Reg _SZ, do I need to be in one of the sub categories of HKEY LOCAL MACHINE ?



  woodchip 12:17 30 Mar 2009

I would say the Drive is Faulty, But you could try Uninstalling the Burning Program if NERO then reinstall it. As this is what loads Burner Drivers. Windows only loads Read Drivers

  howard64 12:51 30 Mar 2009

regedit is not for the faint hearted but reasonably simple. After you have created the restore point and typed regedit you left click on each of the plus signs in turn. then you click on the 4D3 etc. scroll down the right hand pane after it opens up then highlight the line you wish to delete then click on delete [might need to right click]. Reboot the pc and see what happens. While I always defer to 'woodchip' if I put a blank cd/dvd in my drive windows suggest opening nero.

  Amer 14:34 30 Mar 2009

Hi Howard64,

Did the regedit thing and still no luck. I use Roxio for CD burning. And it was while I was using this programme that the errors occured. Would it be worth uninstalling and reinstallnig??? Both yourself and Woodchip suggest Nero. Shall I use this programme instead?

Kind regards

Amer Khalil

  woodchip 14:59 30 Mar 2009

Yes as I said remove Burn Program Roxio then make sure you delete the folder for it after uninstalling, then reinstall

I had this with a new dvd burner it just stopped readying anything its a new one you need i sent mine back to overclockers as i was building a new pc... Got a new one from pc world for £ 18

LG it was....

It is all working now my pc..

Nothing to do with software its hardware issue mind you

check that it is seeing it in the bois if not there look in case check cable is not loose / power cable..

If all ok there buy a new drive mate..

Saves hassle

Is it IDE or Sata? if its Sata you have only one cable.

If IDE is it set to slave or master? if master set it to slave with the small pins..

There be a lavel on the drive..

Good luck

  Amer 15:27 30 Mar 2009

Hello Woodchip, uninstalled and reinstalled Easy CD Creator. But still no drive. Only difference now is that before it kept saying 'insert disc' when I tried to view drive contents, now it doesnt say that, but shows an empty drive.

So does all this mean buying a new drive and is it hard to install???

tucker1975, how do I work out whether I need a IDe or Sata?

Kind regards

Amer Khalil

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