DVD drive and DVD player software

  Mikera 20:31 24 May 2007

Hi All, It's me again - in trouble!!!!!! Have just fitted an Optiarc DVD RW AD7170A to my desktop, running XP on an AMD Duron 850MHz with 256M RAM. Drive didn't come with any s/w so I purchased RealPlayer 10.5. Can't play my DVDs!!!!! RealPlayer support tell me I need DVD player software - I'm confused!!!! as I thought that was what RealPlayer was supposed to be. Can anyone help this poor confused and frustrated guy in Cornwall please!!!!!!!!!!!!Cheers Mikera

  Totally-braindead 20:38 24 May 2007

You purchased Realplayer? I thought it was free, isn't it? Realplayer is a media player which may or may not include DVDs, from what you have said I think it does not.

You should have bought either PowerDVD or WinDVD they are the two most common ones.

There are free ones so I'm sure someone will give you a link to some of them.

  brundle 20:42 24 May 2007

You could try Gomplayer; click here

Rather ironic that RP won't play your DVDs considering it tries to take over every other type of audio/video media on any PC it's installed on.

  Totally-braindead 20:46 24 May 2007

How true brundle thats one of the reasons I don't let it near my PC.

  Belatucadrus 20:52 24 May 2007

click here should work.

  skidzy 21:02 24 May 2007

or AVS click here

  FatboySlim71 22:11 24 May 2007

I use PowerDVD and find its excellent, it also plays cd's as well.
click here

  Strawballs 22:12 24 May 2007
  Pinklady1967 15:08 26 Jun 2007

I have Win DVD software on my computer and am trying to edit my camcorder recording using this program. It works great for a while and then, just as you go to continue, it tells me that the file is corrupt and nothing works. I have spent hours trying to edit my recording and it is so frustrating when you feel it is almost complete and ready to burn on DVD and then corrupts. Any ideas why it might corrupt or suggestions of another software that I could try.


  Strawballs 12:44 27 Jun 2007

You would be better off starting your own thread then you will get emails when people reply and not Mikera who will get mail if anyone reply's to your question.

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