DVD drive driver problems

  the real Ali G 20:25 13 Nov 2005

I'm running XP home on a P4 2.6GHz PC.
Can anyone enlighten me on why I have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for both of my DVD rom and writer drives in order to read the contents of a DVD/CD (There has to be a disc in the drives for this to work).
Both came with instructions to let XP find and install the drivers.
Writer is an NEC, rom is a LiteOn.
Both used to work ok without having to do this.
It's (excuse the punn) driving me nuts having to do this every time I want to access a CD/DVD.
Any suggestions? (Clean please ;-) )

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:08 13 Nov 2005

Uninstall and reinstall the IDE channel that the drives are on.

This will rest the read mode hopefully to DMA from PIO.

Make sure the disks are clean as errors accumulate and drop the DMA mode back to PIO after a while of reading bad disks.

  the real Ali G 21:54 15 Nov 2005

Thanks /\0/\ but I've tried this and tried other cables in case mine were duff. Still no joy.
I suspect it's a conflicting driver problem as it's happening on both drives and both work ok when I uninstall and reinstall their drivers. They both work fine until I reboot. They are both new.
I had the same problem with my previous Pioneer DVD writer which had been working fine for 2/3years before displaying the same problem. I threw it away thinking it was duff!
I think a driver or something in the boot up process gets loaded after the drive drivers and overrides them or something like that (excuse the non-techie language).
Maybe some piece of software that I've installed is causing the problem. But I can't remember when the problem started. I have tried out all sorts of freebies such as those reviewed in PC Advisor and other mags.
The other thing I've discovered is that some software (e.g. CDex, DVD decrypter) can read the drives without reinstalling the drivers. But Others just tell me there is no disk in the drive or return an error message "G:\is not accessible. Incorrect function".
The Microsoft website says this is a driver problem and to reinstall the drivers but doesn't say what to do if you have to keep on reinstalling them every time you reboot.
This makes me even more convinced it's a driver problem.
Is there some way of seeing what drivers get loaded and what order they are loaded in and what applications/hardware they are used for?

  De Marcus™ 22:00 15 Nov 2005

When you say you've 'tried that' as in you've tried uninstalling the drivers, have you actually uninstalled the ide channel, not the dvd drive, from device manager. They are two seperate things. Apologies if that is what you've done, just though clarification was neccessary.

  De Marcus™ 22:01 15 Nov 2005

"after a while of reading bad disks."

I think it's 6 crc errors you get, each error dropping down a level before functioning at the lowest level of pio mode.

From memory....

  the real Ali G 22:11 15 Nov 2005

I'm confused now.
I thought Fruit bat meant to unplug the cables to the drives when he said "Uninstall and reinstall the IDE channel that the drives are on."
Is that not what he meant? 'Cos that's what I did.
Sorry, you need to spell it out for some of us muppets.

  the real Ali G 22:16 15 Nov 2005

Oh I think I've got it now.
Am I supposed to go to Microsoft Device manager and unistall and reinstall the driver for the IDE controller?

  De Marcus™ 22:17 15 Nov 2005

That's correct, and if you don't know (or are unsure) which ide controller your drives sit on, uninstall both, reboot and windows will reinstall drivers for them automatically, replacing any corrupt versions.

  De Marcus™ 22:20 15 Nov 2005

Oh, re-installing ide drivers doesn't reset the drives from pio to dma, only a fresh install can do that. You may not actually be experiencing this problem anyway and it's easy to find out if you are.

Uninstalling the ide drivers can replace corrupt communication drivers that may be causing the problems your seeing.

  the real Ali G 22:21 15 Nov 2005

I have 3 listed.

1.Primary IDE controller
2.Secondary IDE controller
3.SiS PCI IDE Controller

Do I need to do the 3rd one or just the first two?

  De Marcus™ 22:25 15 Nov 2005

The third is a pci ide expansion card, are the drives connected to this?

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