DVD Drive Curiosity!

  trenchn 15:14 15 Oct 2007

I have recently bought a more powerful second hand PC and am gradually working my way through its foibles.
The one I am really struggling with concerns the Sony DVD RW AWG 170A. When I put a blank DVD in the drive it says the blank disc is full. It works fine with audio CD's, blank CD's, it plays DVD films, etc, reads and loads data CD's and reads data DVD's. I don't think there is a problem with the drive itself as the person I bought the pc from told me about the problem and said he had tried a different drive and had had the same problem.
Any idea's?
Thanks in advance.

  Willfixit 16:01 15 Oct 2007

Hi I had a similar problem with this drive I found that I had to update the drivers for the windows software I was using. Also the ASPI Drivers. You haven't said what writing software you are using But I found I had to update Nero to get it to work properly with the drive.
If you copy and paste the following link into your web browser you will find most of these updates, also there is a download on here from Sony which will test the drive for you.

click here

hope this helps


  trenchn 17:36 15 Oct 2007

Hi Will,
Thanks for that. I am very uneducated in matters of the PC. I have follwed the link but am unsure what I need to download. I have SP2 installed for XP. Which download has the updated drivers? I also cannot find the DVD RW AWG 170a on the list!!


  Totally-braindead 19:19 15 Oct 2007

Have you actually tried burning a DVD?
Reason I ask is windows XP can't burn DVDs only CDs you need a second program to burn DVDs. Something like Nero or one of the free DVD burners.
My PC for example. the drive is listed as a DVD-RW drive but if you put a blank DVD in it it then says its a CD drive and won't write to it as windows cannot write to DVDs only CDs. (This behaviour is normal by the way.)

Hope I'm not making things more murky.

  Ray5776 19:42 15 Oct 2007

Not good on links, type "Power DVD" into your browser
free download and good.


  Ray5776 19:53 15 Oct 2007
  Ray5776 19:53 15 Oct 2007
  Willfixit 21:16 15 Oct 2007

Sorry should have checked the list for your drive it seems to have been removed from the list. down load and run the DriveCheck Diagnostic test to check the drive is Ok. What writing software are you using?

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