dvd dont play on dvd players

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 17:50 29 Feb 2004

hi ive just put a dvd rw in my pc got some disc copied fine so got some more but dead cheap thing no problem copying on to them they play fine on pc my dvd player, play station 2 so i gave a mate a copy and it dont play on his dvd so treied disc on diffrent player no play so treid a diffent disc played fine on all does any one no a reason why play on mine but no one else

no help then

  SEASHANTY 19:59 29 Feb 2004

Not all DVD players will play PC made discs. The majority of DVD players but not all will play DVD-R discs but many have trouble with DVD+R and using DVD-RW discs the problem is far worse. See dvdr-help for some compatibility figures
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  HXP 21:35 29 Feb 2004

I have had same problem and you need to check that the DVD players that are giving problems are able to PC created DVD's. As far as I know - R disks are the usual format.

If it works on one DVD and not another definately a DVD player problem


  josie mayhem 22:22 29 Feb 2004

It could be a simple case of that the dvd player is unhappy with that manufactueres disk.

Different manufactueres use slightly different ways and materials in the production of a disk, this can have an effect on the strengh and colour of the reflection from that disk, and sometimes because of this the lasser has diffculties in picking up the reflection and reading the data from it.

One example of this is with rewrite disks, which often uses a heat sencitive dye, data being written on the disk by heating the dye to change it's colour to repersent the binary code.

so changing to a different make of disk can resolve the matter, normanly this problem is found in older DVD players.

I have found this with my DVD players, my main one that is a expensive model (and about 3 years old) doesn't like pc generated disk, but the cheap and cheerful freebie in the bedroom will play almost anything!

  Eargasm 22:30 29 Feb 2004

Get down to asda,and buy a pacific 1002w dvd player currently £39,it plays absolutely anything you chuck at it

  hugh-265156 00:26 01 Mar 2004

the site linked to by SEASHANTY above will tell you if a certain player will or wont play the discs,format or brand of disc you are using.look it up.

agree with all of the above.most new players will happily play all vcds svcds etc and dvd recordable formats(with exception of ram)best to look up the model no.first though.

i know of high end £1000+ nakimichi players that wont play a simple vcd but £40 players that will everything for example.just depends.

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