DVD does not work after Windows XP re-install

  Sissy65 19:12 14 Apr 2009

I did a Windows XP re-install -- the full version, not the recovery disk -- and got my computer working better than ever with the exception of the DVD drive. Since I rarely used it I wrote it off and let it go.

Recently my sister-in-law asked for help with her computer which has not worked right since she brought it home from the store. I ended up doing a Windows XP re-install on hers as well and she couldn't be happier -- with one exception, she has a DVD-RW drive that is also NOT working after the re-install. She DOES need it as she uses it for her work so I am trying to find out how to get a fix for it.

As in my computer the device manager shows that the drive is there and that it is working properly. I have downloaded drivers from HP to no avail, the drive just sits there doing nothing. There are no error messages, there is just the little light that flashes when the door is trying to open. Anyone have any ideas??

The computer is an HP Pavilion running Windows XP SP 3.

  jimv7 19:46 14 Apr 2009

Win xp does not have dvd support built in, you have to install 3rd party software such as nero to be able to use the dvd drive.

Have you a driver or software cd for your hp, the dvd software might be on one of them.

  Sissy65 20:02 14 Apr 2009

I know that my Sister-in-law did not have any disks with her computer, the store did not even give her a recovery disk. As her DVD is RW will simply installing a program like Nero make it work??

As for mine, which is just a DVD reader (and I rarely used it when it DID work) would I need to install some software to make it read DVD's? I do not have any software that came with my computer either, I use to have a recovery disk but lost it and have have since bought Window's XP system.

  jimv7 21:17 14 Apr 2009

Try Deep Burner for your sister click here

VLC Media Player for you click here

both are free, and you can also try the klite codec pack click here

  Sissy65 22:36 14 Apr 2009

I downloaded the software that should have been the fix for my computer. What happens is that when I put a DVD in the drive the computer does not recognize it as being there, it tells me I have to insert a disk into the drive...all the while, as I said in my original post, the device manager says the DVD-ROM is working properly.

Thanks for your help thus far, I am appreciating it.

  jimv7 00:07 15 Apr 2009

Try deleting the dvd drive in device manager then restart and see if that fixes the problem.

It also might be that the drive has gone down, have you another drive you can try.

  Sissy65 16:45 15 Apr 2009

I downloaded WinDVD and thought I had the problem fixed, the DVD drive sounded like it was spinning the DVD... the flashing green light went to solid...however the same message came up that said there was no disk in the drive.

I have not yet tried your suggestion of deleting the DVD drive in the device manager. Frankly, I'm a little scared to do that! I do have my CD drive -- what will happen if I delete the DVD drive in the device manager?

  jimv7 17:08 15 Apr 2009

Upon restarting windows will see it as a new drive and reinstall the drivers for it.

  Sissy65 15:28 18 Apr 2009

I'm sure I'm becoming a total pain in the you know what by now --- normally I'm pretty good with the computer geek stuff....

OK, in my device manager under DVD and CD ROM DRIVES I have two drives listed:
2)LITE-ON LTR 48126S Device type:DVD\CDROM drives

I am assuming that one of these is my DVD drive and one is my CD drive and I have no idea which is which. I don't want to uninstall my CD drive because it works fine! So! Any ideas?

PS: When I win the lottery I'm buying a MAC! :)

  jimv7 15:44 18 Apr 2009

Do both, windows will reinstall after reboot.

  ribo 16:54 19 Apr 2009

Sissy65 Can you please tell me if you have fixed this problem. I have the same problem after restoring my C drive to a new HDD using my backup made with Acronis. Thanks J

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