DVD DL not reading blank DL discs

  Charlie Brown 19:34 03 May 2007

I have an NEC AD 7173 DVD RW DL. It reads CDs and DVDs without any problem, but when I put a DVD DL in the drive , it doesn't recognize it. Clicking the DVD drive icon in my computer brings up a message saying "insert a disc in the drive". Why is this happenning? Do I have to activate anything anywhere for the drive to recognize the disc? I am using Aone DVD+R DL discs. Any suggestions?

  skidzy 19:53 03 May 2007

Possibly fussy media.However recommended DVD +R(9*4)
click here

  Charlie Brown 20:06 03 May 2007

What is DVD+R(9*4)? Is it different from DVD+R DL?

  skidzy 20:22 03 May 2007

Basically they are the same type of disc with a different title.
Best bet is to try another brand of media.

  Charlie Brown 20:26 03 May 2007

Thanks. I'll try other media.

I wouldn't go to the expense of trying different discs. First update the firmware click here then if that doesn't work you may have a faulty drive. I tried 3 different makes of disc before I found it was faulty although it burnt normal CDs and DVDs no problem.

  Charlie Brown 18:41 04 May 2007

Hi, I am green at these things. How do I update the firmware? Any help would be appreciated.

  postie24 18:47 04 May 2007

Type in your browser NEC AD 7173 firmware upgrade,follow on screen prompts.Make sure you select the correct model of drive before flashing it,or it will stop the drive working.

  Stuartli 18:49 04 May 2007

As far as I'm aware DVD-R (9*4) disks are not sold in the UK.

The NEC AD 7173 DVD RW DL is basically the same rewriter as my Sony GA170 (joint manufacturing venture between the companies), so trying Sony branded Dual Layer disks may help.

  Totally-braindead 19:06 04 May 2007

What program are you going to use to burn a disk?

Reason I ask is I am wondering if the program can burn to dual layer disks, if it can't then that might explain why it can't see it.

  Stuartli 23:54 04 May 2007

Some info on dual layer burning:

click here

plus suitable burning programs:

click here

(which includes Nero6 higher versions).

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