DVD disks what ones?

  Taw® 17:33 21 Oct 2005

My CDRW went on the blink and I was told it would be better to buy a DVD writer which I did, IBOX 16x only thing is I didn't realise just how many types of disks there were. I only use for general back ups and files etc so what is the best to buy?

  pj123 17:52 21 Oct 2005

Can't find anything matching IBOX 16X. Can you confirm that is the model of your DVD burner?

Also what O/S are you using. What burning software are you using?

  phizzle 18:42 21 Oct 2005

i think using dvd is better coz u can fit more

  Confab 18:51 21 Oct 2005

Download and install Nero Info Tool from click here it will tell you what DVD's your drive can write to.


  freaky 11:42 22 Oct 2005

For general backup and storage I would suggest 700MB CD-R. This format is compatible with most DVD RW drives.

I recently bought a pack of 20 Sony CR-R 1x - 48x compatible reduced from £14.99 to £7.99 at PC World.

  Totally-braindead 11:53 22 Oct 2005

I only use DVDs for backup when the file size is very large, in general I use CDRs for backup as they are cheaper. I've used various makes of CDs over the years at the moment I'm using Datasafe ones and after burning over 100 I've yet to have a failure. The DVDs I'm using are Datawrite Titanium DVD-R 16x ones and they work fine with my particular burner but yours may be different and may not like these particular make of disks. Only thing I can say is I no longer use CDRWs as I've found they become corrupted too easily, much better to create a multisession disk and just keep adding onto a CDR or DVDR until its full. Also if there is anything which is very important to you suggest you keep 2 copies of any disks and check them every few months to make sure they are ok. The only thing I personally keep 2 copies of are my photos as they are irreplacable to me but anything else I can always find again so I only backup to 1 copy.

  Taw® 12:10 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for that peeps will keep this open for a while for info. pj123 might be "cibox", bought it at PCWorld and it came with a version of Nero not sure what Nero, I just have Nero start smart as a short cut.My OS is xppro

  Taw® 15:51 29 Dec 2005

took Confab advice and got my answer

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