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  [email protected] 15:40 04 Apr 2004

I am considering buying this DVD-RW click here can you please advise me as to what discs I need to buy, either DVD + or DVD - that are most likely tp play on home DVD players. Also is the DVD RW any good??!!

Many Thanks

  polly100 16:05 04 Apr 2004

I have three dvd players in the house (teenage kids and all that!!) Two out of the three will play dvd + and - with no problems, whilst the third will play plus only! I think it's a case of experimentation, although more recent players should play just about anything you care to throw at them. Can't comment on DVD RW as I've not tried it yet - having said that, if it's anything like as flaky as CD RW I wouldn't bother!

  edstowe 16:16 04 Apr 2004

A slightly different slant on your question but make sure you use DVD blanks of the make and type suggested by the manufacturer of your DVD writer.

Some writers can be very faddy about what disks they will recognise.

Most modern DVD players will play either + or - disks with no problem but, stick to minus ones for the time being at least as they're cheaper.

DVDRW disks are, in my limited experience of them, just a unreliable as CDRW. As DVDR disks are getting very reasonably priced now, I don't really see any justification for using rewritables. You will be giving some forethought to what you're putting on your DVD, I would think, so with a bit of care, you won't get any coasters.

I've written to hundred of DVD blanks now and only ever had two failures. One was due to a power cut mid-write and the other was carelessness by trying to stop a write just after it had started and in a panic, pressed the eject button.


  [email protected] 16:39 04 Apr 2004

What is a coaster?

  Smiler 17:04 04 Apr 2004

It's what you get when a disc is useless after burning Good for putting teacup on.

  ened 17:21 04 Apr 2004

On the same subject I have a Panasonic DVD with Hard drive which states it will play DVD-R &
Is DVD-R the same as DVD +R /DVD -R?
All these different formats are very confusing?

  SEASHANTY 20:34 04 Apr 2004

No they are not compatible. I also have a Panasonic
DVD recorder - the E60 and it will only record to DVD -R and DVD-RAM (You cannot use DVD+R with any Panasonic machine as far as I am aware).

  QQAA 21:28 04 Apr 2004

i think your choice of DVD-R or DVD+R discs should also depend on your gut feelings of which camp : DVD-RW (japanese-led) or DVD+RW (american-led), would prevail in the end.

from what i see so far, many neutral consumers would rather reserve their comments on this sensitive topic of commercial survival.

when the judgement day does arrive, it is expected that soon we may no longer be able to find the blank DVD disc type of the losing party in the market.

  edstowe 06:50 05 Apr 2004

I would leave this +R,-R battle to the professionals and people with a vested interest.

As far a most modern DVD players are concerned, it doesn't matter which format is used. As far as the writers are concerned, most current ones on sale will write either format (except Panasonic!). For most purposes you can forget about DVD RAM - not normally for the general user.

The +R format is the one favoured by Microsoft so considering their influence on world computing it may well be that one that wins the battle.

The Sony machine you are considering will write to + and - formats but, shop around, there are cheaper models.


  [email protected] 07:18 05 Apr 2004

So if this rewriter writes at 8x should I get 8x discs or 4x?

  edstowe 08:47 05 Apr 2004

Get whichever you can at a reasonable price.

From what I've seen, 8x disks are relatively expensive as they're fairly new on the market. A 4x will be written in a reasonable time and as you will have given more thought to what goes on the disk than you would, say, with a CD, it is worth the wait.


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