DVD Disc

  gfergie 09:52 12 Jun 2009

I have a box of Memorex DVD+RW discs purchased about 2 years ago.
My PC and also any disc burning programme I try to use refuses to recognise that I have inserted a disc.
Yes,the DVD recorder is for DVD+RW and does burn onto DVD-R discs.

Any ideas?

  jack 10:21 12 Jun 2009

The DVD recorder in the PC may burn DVD's but Windows self burn does not, you need a third party DVD burn program for this.
click here is a very good free one
IMHO Nero which is a purchased program or very often a cut down given as a bundle is too'Fat' now and gets hang ups.

  gfergie 10:33 12 Jun 2009

Jack, as I said I have already tried at least four third party programmes and none of them recognise that I have put a disc in the tray.

  jack 20:18 12 Jun 2009

Which DVD burn programs may in clode or you may have to down load as a 'plug in'.
It is likely too that the disks purchased and nbot uyse for a period of time may be time expired'
A Google with - Burning DV+DRW disks
Gives a goodl selection of problem and solutions about DVD+RW disk burning

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