DVD DECRYPTER ( write speeds and burning discs.)

  2806 16:52 21 Apr 2005

I am using dvd decrypter to burn my dvds and the average write speed is 1.8 to 2.4 upon completion and takes forever to burn. I understand that this procedure should take only minutes.My blanks are compatable with my dvd burner and are 8x dvd+r 4.7 GB. Can anyone solve this dilema into why it takes so long to burn.To download I am using dvd shrink 3.2 if that helps.

  bosmere 17:01 21 Apr 2005

2806 if you're downloading via DVD Shrink why are you using DVD Decrypter? It would be better burning with Nero.

Look in the 'Help' in DVD Shrink for advice.

  timeteam2004 18:44 21 Apr 2005

You can rip & burn with DVD Shrink 3.2. It looks for nero and burns from within the programme. When you set up the rip, just select the target as your DVD burner and sit back and relax.

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