dvd decoder

  pookie 08:37 16 Jan 2004


I have been upgrading my desktop for several years rather than buying new systems. i currently have:
xp home edition, 1024 ddr400 ram, asus a7n8x-x mobo and 9700pro graphics.
I have a new aopen cd-rw drive but i also have a cd/dvd drive that i've had for years. i have formatted and reinstalled xp several times and have changed graphics cards several times.

my query is that dvd drive won't play dvd's or dvd laser cleaner disc. (it used to play dvds). it brings up an error message about no dvd decoder installed. however it does play dvd coverdiscs of game magazines.

basically i don't watch dvds on my pc so are there any free downloadable decoders that i can use (even just to run the laser cleaning disc through)?

many thanks


  Demora 09:02 16 Jan 2004

Have you tried loading up any dvd software ie. power dvd (not a freebie) and what version of windows media player do you have on the pc. I had something like this until I upgraded to win XP and mediaplayer 9a

ust a thought.


  ©®@$? 09:26 16 Jan 2004

this one is free click here but i don't know how good it is

  pookie 12:00 16 Jan 2004

thanks for replies - i'm not at my pc at mo but i think it is media player 9 (may not be 9a though)
i'll try the link later


  pookie 11:58 23 Jan 2004


downloaded/updated media player and i still get the message. i installed the maximus dvd and it installed ok as when you open it it appears on screen with the skin and all the play/pause/etc buttons - but it doesn't detect the inserted dvd i want to play

any other thoughts?


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