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  Wirral Bagpuss 05:44 24 Aug 2008

I have DVD Shrink on my computer and have used this to store a DVD to the hard drive. It shows two folders VIdeo TOS and Audio TOS. I tried to use Windows Movie Maker to edit the film but it is not recognising anything. What do i need to do in order for Windows Movie maker to recognise the DVD files? I am at my wits end trying to work this out!!! Please help!

  bobbybluenose 08:00 24 Aug 2008

try this click here

  jack 10:37 24 Aug 2008

As intended.
This is a compression tool- that will allow you to burn the data to a disk via a third party burn program.
Read the reviews on this URL
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  Les28 11:24 24 Aug 2008

The file type of your dvd video is VOB which WMM wont recognise, most other video editing progs will recognise VOB and allow you to edit it, WMM wont. Have a read of these two recent questions on this forum re converting a VOB file into an mpeg file which WMM will probably recognise for editing purposes.

click here

click here

Otherwise try a free trial download of a vid editing prog that will recognise and allow editing of VOB files, a couple are mentioned in the replies above.

  Les28 11:38 24 Aug 2008

You could also open the video_ TS folder and look at your VOB files in it, look for VTS_01_1.VOB the first of your video sequences, copy and paste this file to another location on your hard drive, then rename it to VTS_01_1.mpg windows will warn you about making the file unstable etc, ignore the warning. Manually changing the file extension of a vob to mpg sometimes allows WMM to accept it for editing, if it doesn't try the vob2mpg converter mentioned in the previous posts to do the conversion , or download a free trial of a vid editing prog that allows vob import as mentioned.

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