DVD to computer

  roygbiv 16:46 22 Jul 2006

A STUPID question, but hey if you dont ask you`ll never know!

Can I copy A DVD to the computer?
I have XP with all that comes with it (movie maker) or Do I get a DVD burner and post the DVD`s ?? .....Alan

  DieSse 17:38 22 Jul 2006

*Can I copy A DVD to the computer?*

Youm mean from a DVD of the type that goes with your telly, across to a computer - only if you have a video capture card in your system, otherwise ther'll be nowhere to feed the signal into.

Don't you already have a DVD player in the computer - if not they're very inexpensive - if you have, then just use that.

What's all this got to do with posting a DVD? - methinks you're not telling us exactly what you want to do.

  silverous 17:58 22 Jul 2006

You can rip a DVD to your computer yes. Many people illegally do this when they 'borrow' DVDs from an online DVD rental site such as tesco's service thereby building an illegal dvd collection on their PCs.

  roygbiv 18:07 22 Jul 2006

Ok, here goes.

Got a DVD of me and 9 friends ,telling short stories. 25-30 mins. in total.

I was thinking of sending it (or bits of it )via the net (email ??) to relatives.

If this is not possible, I was prepared to get a another (external) DVD burner and post(c) them to people

  pj123 19:01 22 Jul 2006

roygbiv it would have been better to have stuck to only one thread, or at least posted a link to your other thread.

click here

  kjrider 11:14 23 Jul 2006

If you want to copy your DVD Nero, Roxio or any decent DVD burning software should do it.

  rodriguez 11:49 23 Jul 2006

You can use SmartRipper (click here) to rip it. This program also lets you rip individual titles and chapters from the disc, so you can rip each story one by one and rename them, put a .mpg extension on the end and convert it to WMV or another web friendly compressed format that can then be emailed.

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