DVD codes

  jelly53 12:58 01 Jan 2007

Unable to play a film the message comes up
Wrong region code
It is not possible to play this disc
Anyone got any ideas please

  thms 13:10 01 Jan 2007

Right click on my computer select manage/disk management then right click on your dvd select properties then dvd region.

Read the caution notes as you can only change this a limited amount of times.

  I am Spartacus 13:12 01 Jan 2007

You can use DVD Decrypter click here and DVD Shrink click here to create a DVD that's playable. However if the DVD is recorded in NTSC format (used in America) rather than PAL then the player/TV needs to be compatible.

  postie24 13:13 01 Jan 2007

Or try this free trial
click here

  Totally-braindead 13:17 01 Jan 2007

From memory Europe is region code 2, America is region code 1 and there are some others.
I presume the DVD you are trying to play is from some other country. You can change the region code on your DVD player but you can only do this so many times. I think its 5 times you can change it but be very wary of doing this.
If your drive is set to UK and you change it to US then back to UK to watch a UK DVD thats 2 changes and theres only 3 left. If you end up using the last change to say Asia or whatever then being the last change it will lock to that and then cannot be changed. Then you will be left with a drive that will not play any UK DVDs and you will have to buy a new one.

There are software programs which say they will allow you to play foreign DVDs without altering your DVD player region codes but I have no knowledge of whether they work or not.
Perhaps someone else can help as this would be a better idea than changing the region code on your player.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 01 Jan 2007

Region setting
There are actually up to 3 region protections on a system:
- 1 in the DVD drive
- 1 in the Operating System (windows) - More info on Windows region management.
- 1 in the software player (eg. WinDVD, PowerDVD...)

When you flash your drive with a region free firmware (RPC-1), you remove the region counter from the drive itself completely, but with this counter gone, the software counters kick in to replace the one from the DVD drive. This means that you still have these other 2 to defeat!!!.
An alternate region free solution that is available for some drives is known as an "Autoreset" firmware: Instead of removing the counter from the drive completely, the counter simply resets itself to an unlocked state when the computer is restarted. This way, the drive appears as region protected (RPC-2) but the counter can be changed indefinitely. Creating autoreset patches is slightly more difficult for the patcher, but makes the life of the user easier because DVD Genie and Region Killer are not required as they are for RPC-1 firmwares.
On the other hand, it's easy for software manufacturers to detect autoreset firmwares, and if they decide to do so, you will still need a software patch in the long run. This is why RPC-1 firmwares are seen by most as the long term solution.

So, unless a program like DISCInfo click here or Drive Region Info tells you that your drive is still protected or you used an autoreset firmware, your drive IS region free, and any region counters that you still see come from software region settings.

To bypass that, you need to use programs such as DVD Genie click here or DVD Region Killer click here (the later is highly recommanded).

Note: Currently, the only software region free solution when using WinDVD Platinum to play DVD's is WinDVD Tweaker Pro ($18.00 US) click here

xvi has written up an excellent article with even more information click here

  megat193 14:37 01 Jan 2007

Slysoft's AnyDVD is very good. It runs in the background and just does it's job. Updates are notified by email every time a change is needed to keep up to date.

click here

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