dvd cassettes conversion

  vesancy 17:12 01 Apr 2010

Can you please advise as to which system is best for converting VHS casettes to DVD via my pc. I can't find a comparison between the Belkin USB 2.0 5 port pci card, the Roxio easy, Video-to-pc, Magix and the EZ Grabber USB video capture?

Many thanks

  john bunyan 23:20 01 Apr 2010

Roxio Creator 010 is fine. But if you can afford it, far easier to use a DVD recorder with Hd and burning. (Ssart out of VHS, in to DVDr, then you can edit ) My Panasonic DVD r does this well.

  john bunyan 23:20 01 Apr 2010

meant Rpxio 2010

  ashdav 23:26 01 Apr 2010

Rpxio 2010 = Roxio Creator 2010
Ssart out = Scart out
You had a good night out? LOL

  john bunyan 09:24 02 Apr 2010

Sorry - Yeah it was late!!

  vesancy 15:40 03 Apr 2010

thanks for your advice. I have looked at the reviews for the Roxio Creator 2010 on Amazon and there are a few enthusiasts but the majority say essentially that it is rubbish!! Do you have any experience of the EZ Grabber?

  john bunyan 18:57 03 Apr 2010

Worth a read:
click here
I think there may be free programmes. I still think a DVD recorder is easier, or even a VHS / DVD dual machine that does the job. I think these are quite cheap on Amazon.

  Terry Brown 10:29 04 Apr 2010

This system would seem to be suitable for your needs click here , however I have not tried it and I do not know about it's editing facilities.

  Terry Brown 10:43 04 Apr 2010

Also found this link, which may suit you better click here


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