dvd burning verification... should u trust it?

  theDarkness 20:49 13 Aug 2010

I have just realised after burning 6 discs that all failed during the disc verification process in ashampoo, that on a second verification- straight after the first, with the same discs, most will often pass the test!

So I am wondering what anyone would suggest as the best method in knowing that a disc has burnt correctly? I have an old 1.6 athlon 1 gig desktop, but its more than enough to burn a dvd disc using "disc at once" at 4x speed. Should I simply try the verification more than once? If it passes at anytime, should I only then believe that it must be a well burnt disc-and that my failures in verification are most likely often down to reading errors using my dvd drive itself, or ram issues?

I always use verbarim dvd discs to burn. On the discs that only pass on the second or third verification test, I have tried copying their content to my hard drive, and they have no errors (although with one disc, I could not copy by merely right clicking on the "D:" drive, instead I had to view its content first, but it still copied and the content could be read). Should I ignore the verification process in ashampoo and nero, and simply copy as a test to see if my burns were successful, or should I always use verification, and only bin the discs if they contantly fail (eg after the third verification test)? thanks for any info

  eedcam 22:44 13 Aug 2010

I burn at least 2 dvd's a week using imgburn never verify and no failures.I always crerate an Iso image first then burn at a later date

  AL47 22:47 13 Aug 2010

its a bit redundant really

  theDarkness 20:50 14 Aug 2010

thanks for the replies. eedcam - if you dont verify, then how do you know if any individual files contained within the ISO burned badly? Does burning from an ISO guarantee a better burn, in that the ISO will either burn correctly as a whole with everything it contains, or wont read at all? From now I think I will always verify more than once, if I get a verification failure I will try verify it again, and only throw the disc away if its still failing after a third check, if necessary.

Does anyone know if burning from bluray is just as troublesome, and perhaps even slower? In this day and age I suppose I should only be using external hard drives as a backup device if my data isnt necessary to be put onto disc, but I just keep thinking that one bad external hard drive with gigs worth of material could be alot of data to lose in the worst of cases. I guess theres no real solution, lol. thanks

  DieSse 20:53 14 Aug 2010

I was having these same issues with Ashampoo.

I switched to CDBurnerXP, and now never have verification failures.

Don't know any reasons why though.

  rdave13 20:57 14 Aug 2010

I always use Ashampoo burner/converter and don't use the verify options (adds time). Burn a bad disc then bin it. Happens rarely.
I use the paid for version 10.

  theDarkness 22:20 14 Aug 2010

thanks-I might try out CDBurnerXP, does the free version support verification? Im wondering if having more than one disc burning program on the same system might create any driver/system issues, or if I should definately uninstall ashampoo before testing CDBurner

  eedcam 22:23 14 Aug 2010

Darkness my files are movies so I always know if they are ok . If they burn to Iso ok then any problem burning to disc is just burning a disc image as opposed to the actual disc.I would say then if the disc was troublesome on playback its the drive and/or disc itself .As you use Verbatim I would riule out the latter

  rdave13 22:32 14 Aug 2010

Uninstall ashapoo.
Try other freebies to your hearts content.
Only one type of verification you need is if the DVD or CD actually plays in a DVD player.
Thing is some DVD/CD players will only play a limited type of disc. So players fault not PC or burner.

  DieSse 00:17 15 Aug 2010

I never (well once in a blue moon) burn movies - I burn data CDs and DVDs, so it's essential that they are verified.

Yes the free version of CDBurnerXP supports verification.

I also use only Verbatim blanks, because I've found them very reliable.

Verifying films is, I would agree, hardly worthwhile, as any odd errors would probably not be noticeable.

  rdave13 00:25 15 Aug 2010

Same applies to data discs. Burn them then see if they work. With data discs always burn two of them; as a duplicate should be made. Also copy to flash drive. Always check backups work. Verifying is ok but even the biggest names in backup software, with verifying technology, sometimes fail.

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