DVD burning questions....

  nick_j007 12:08 23 May 2004

Hello all,

I should be out in the sun, but I have a few issues with some new kit.

I have just set up and am running a new external DVD burner connected via USB2 to my Dell laptop.

I originally ran another thread seeking advice on this matter here:click here

I believe the new kit (I bought a case and an NEC burner as per my first two links in the above thread) to be good and essentially working as expected, but after having burnt 4 DVD's as back ups to my photographs I am left feeling rather despondent and disappointed.

Here are some the problems I am experiencing so far:

I am using Nero V.6 and it seems to run fine as an interface.

One DVD has burnt ok and can be read ok, albeit a bit slowly...but I expect that with 4.5 gigs worth of shots on it.
This was burnt at x4 speed on a Bulk Paq DVD r. It says 4x speed on the disc.

I have just burnt a 700MB CD-R at x32 speed and it works perfectly on a verbatim Datalife plus disc. So Cd-R seems to be fine and as expected.

Two DVD's I have burnt (one at x2 speed and another at x4 speed) were both asked to verify the data afterwards and both failed at that point.
I received the following info:

(x4 speed)
Total Files 1519
Identical 1496
Different 0
Inaccessible 23
Skipped 0

(x2 speed)
Total Files 686
Identical 558
Different 0
Inaccessible 128
Skipped 0

I just don't know whether this is pointing me towards a bad blank DVD quality (they were cheap, but according to ebuyer reviews worked ok on the whole with this drive).

So, as you can see I'm baffled as to why some would burn ok and others not regardless of the speed I set.

I won't be burning any more until I get an idea as to best procede from here! Are there any settings I should/could tweek to get some satisfaction?

Yours, without a suntan.


  spuds 12:19 23 May 2004

Looking at the eBuyer reviews, it would seem as though the NEC Burner is an highly rated bit of kit.I would suspect that the problem lies with the DVD disks.Someone who regularly burns DVD's, would have a simple answer to the problem no doubt.

  nick_j007 12:26 23 May 2004

Cheers spuds.

I am just looking back through the ebuyer comments myself and those that are using the bulk paq dvd dics seem to have no issues.

There is though a firmware upgrade I notice for the drive...worth messing about with I wonder?


  spuds 12:32 23 May 2004

This could be of interest click here

  nick_j007 12:38 23 May 2004


I have logged it on my desktop for later playing with.
I am mostly stressed about backing up my jpegs etc onto these damn discs.

I shall pursue the firmware upgrade I think. The link I have is here: click here
and see if it makes any difference.


  €dstowe 12:42 23 May 2004

I get my disks from a specialist supplier such as click here


click here

Both of these companies have compatibility charts and tell you what works on which.

Having said that, I have a very similar setup to nick (we have had email contact about it) but have had no problems with the disks I have used.

DVD writers are known to be faddy about what they will write to and I suggest that when he has a brand/type that works OK that he stays with it.

Specialist suppliers offer a trial pack of different brands of disk for you to test which is best for your system.


  nick_j007 12:51 23 May 2004

Hello my man!

Well the drive is I think superb despite the coasters I have here!

Can I console myself with the thought that it is most likely the discs?
It leaves me confused as nearly all ebuyer comments are highly positive about those discs in this drive.

Should I bother about the firmware upgrade or is that a 'red herring'

Are the data verification errors indicative of a poor disc?

Sorry for so many questions lol.

Thank you both very much so far.

At least the sun is still waiting for me out there!


  €dstowe 13:11 23 May 2004

I always view firmware upgrades in the same light as BIOS upgrades - only to be done if it's the last resort. We've not upgraded our writers.

I can't make a constructive comment about the disks you are using, they are unknown to me but, the disks I referred to in your previous thread still work fine and we've not had any more coasters since I made the first remarks. We have now burned nearly 500 disks between the four x NEC 2500A's that we have.


  nick_j007 13:21 23 May 2004

Looks like I need to change my discs!

Trouble is, I have this lot here going to waste now.
Ho hum. the joys of computing eh?

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