DVD burning problems - sound is not right...

  Maughan 12:53 08 Jan 2004

I have:

Windows XP Home
WinDVD/Intervideo "DVD Creator Plus" (2002 edition?)
Ricoh 5240 DVD+RW player/burner
Various brands of DVD+RW discs
plenty of RAM (256MB)
plenty of hard disc memory (50+GB spare)
Nebula digital TV card (saving files to hard disc as .mpg2)
Cambridge Audio DVD 55 (multi-region, multi-format)
big problems

After a ton of trial and error, I can now manipulate the "Creator" software to prepare a DVD-full of TV programmes (previously recorded with the TV card on the PC). (I did need to download MS Direct X 9.0B, however, as the software kept crashing before.)

On playback on the Cambridge Audio DVD player, the picture quality is excellent BUT... the sound stutters and clicks and whines - no good at all.


My settings are correct (I think): audio is MPEG (there is no other option) and video is PAL/DVD.

As a side question... Before preparing the disc to burn, Creator plays back the entirety of the movie (ie. all the programmes) at 1x speed, ie. if there are 2 hours of programmes, it takes 2 hours for the software to "knit" them all together (before then burning it to disc at 4x). Is that how it is supposed to work...?! Surely the preparation should be far quicker than 1x?

Many thanks in advance! (I really am fed up with being up to 1am every night, tearing my hair out in frustration.)


  MichelleC 13:40 08 Jan 2004

The usual caveats with burning are DMA enabled on all drives (incluing dvd), all non-vital b/ground progs off (with xp and ME system restore also); with dvd-rom on another channel to system hd.

One of the biggest probs in this field (burning and printing to tape) is audio/video out of sync or spluttering of either file. This is a good place to look: click here

BTW mpeg is a video file.

  Maughan 16:01 08 Jan 2004


I do have DMA enabled. And I have been looking at the link you gave me - a very good site.

I think I may need to experiment a bit more.

When you say "mpeg is a video file", does that mean that it is an MPEG file that is burnt to the DVD disc? What I am trying to ascertain is what file type (*.???) is optimum for proper DVD playback?


  MichelleC 16:24 08 Jan 2004

Mpeg2 is the best format for home dvd burning (but wav or similar will be within that for audio). You could also try converting to mpeg1 (more compressed) for burning to vcd just to see if it works (quality won't be as good though).

  tafoody 16:52 08 Jan 2004

i also have used intervideo DVD creator, and can confirm that mpeg audio is correct, you may also have an option for LPCM, but mpeg audio uses less space.

.mp3 audio is mpeg1-layer3 / .mp2 audio is mpeg1-layer2

this guide describes converting divX to DVD, and recommends mpeg audio. click here

and as for the preperation speed, id say it ran at about 8x SLOWER than normal speed (1x), but i do have an old PC.

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