dvd burning problem

  kane_2001 15:13 17 Jan 2005

Ive got myself a pioneer A108 DVD rewriter, have been copying my home films from my hard drive onto discs as well as borrowing our family holiday dvds to copy them for myself as well. I can burn fine and am using DVD-R as stated on my dvd player but everytime I play them back it gets nearly to the end of the disc and starts to freeze, jump etc. Its happened to nearly all of them. Im using clone DVD and CSS region free, so even though my discs are burnt fine they all mess about towards the end of what Ive recorded! ANY IDEAS????

  PA28 15:20 17 Jan 2005

Will they play back OK on other players? In particular will they play back OK on your A108? If they do, then you know where to look (I have a compatability issue between a domestic DVD recorder and my Tosh DVD player at the moment, which is similar. However the disks play back fine on the machine on which they were recorded - so I start thinking of matters such as laser alignment).

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:21 17 Jan 2005

if you want to copy a dvd your family has made try a program called dvd shrink , I think its just matching the correct dvd copying programs to your pc I had the same pron with dvd`s freeing at end of movie so I changed to dvd shrink 3.2 click here and it worked fine after that.

  kane_2001 15:22 17 Jan 2005

havent tried playing them back on my A108 but have done a copy for my family as well and they all say that its fine until the end of the discs. Slighty annoyingh as dont want to end up just making coasters, got rid of one writwe due to this beforehand

  john-232317 17:19 17 Jan 2005

Try what SurfMonkey _#:@}™ says, you are probably putting too much on, that program will sort it.

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