DVD Burning and Playback

  carper 13:24 28 Aug 2011

Hi I am an amateur at DVD burning but am having a problem at producing discs which will play on my DVD player although working perfectly well on my PC or lap top. I edit using Movie Plus 5 and have burned with the inbult burner, and also have burned with Deepburner Pro. Can someone please give me some guidance where I am going wrong. I am using Windows XP SP3 and have also downlaoded various codecs but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Carper

  Pine Man 13:33 28 Aug 2011

It may well be to do with the way that you are 'finalising' your DVDs when they are finished burning. Check out the options for finalising on your DVD burning software.

  carper 13:41 28 Aug 2011

Thanks for your reply. As part of the burning process, there is a section which says Initializing and then finalizing, so I assume no other finalizing is necssary or if you can suggest something else. Regards Carper

  Pine Man 14:45 28 Aug 2011

If it's not the finalisation process it could be the sort of DVD you are using as not all players play all types of DVD.

I have done a quick google on this problem and there is loads of stuff out there. Have a look and see if any of that helps.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I was sure it was something to do with finalisation as that cured a similar problem that I had.

Good luck!

  eedcam 16:37 28 Aug 2011

As said re finalising and deep burner will have finalised but deep burner only makes a data dvd not dvdvideo though it will burn an Iso image to disc Have you actually produced a dvdvideo can you confirm this by exploring the disc on the pc and does it show as a Video_ts folder if not the it is not a proper dvd.We can work from there

  eedcam 16:38 28 Aug 2011

Sorry unless deep burner pro does dvd_videos's the free one dont

  Marko797 14:16 29 Aug 2011

I had the same problem a few months back. I have been using DVD Flick ever since, which is free, so just google for that. It's a good programme which works well. Give it a try, nothing to lose really as it's free.

  johnincrete 15:19 29 Aug 2011

I've been using Movie Plus for some time now (Previously used Adobe Elements) and have produced many DVD's. When my first DVD wouldn't play on someones DVD player but would on others, I checked the format. Do note that you need to specify PAL or the other one - regularly I have to burn several PAL's and one or two of the others for my American friends. I always write the format on the disk now. You could try to find someone with a DVD player that will take both formats - mine does but it is part of a home cinema system so you would expect to be able to play whatever DVD you buy. Serif have excellent user support that you access via their web site - it's a selection on the Help drop down menu. Incidentally, Movie Plus only allows you to burn one DVD at a time but, having produced the first, your can repeat the Export/DVD process and it has cached the stuff so only takes the time needed to burn. Also don't get caught out like me - I set the export to DVD going, came back a couple of hours later only to find that I needed another click: I think the export to disk process is not up to the standard of the rest of the software.

  carper 15:36 31 Aug 2011

Many thanks for your replies and sorry that I have not responded earlier due to holidays.. I think that you have probably answered my question eedcam. I have recently changed my PC due to a complete failure and lost the Deep Burner Pro programme and contacted them for a new download. They gave me this and I now suspect that my download is only for the free version. I have been trying to burn using DV/DVD which had used previously.I have contacted them regarding the download. I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks for your help. Regards Carper

  eedcam 19:04 31 Aug 2011

enter link description here

Hi consider perhaps using dvd flick it is free and will convert author and burn most formats to dvd

  carper 10:13 07 Sep 2011

Eventually resolved with new Burner downloads. Thanks again. Carper

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