DVD Burning

  carver 09:06 11 Aug 2007

Hi, I need a bit of help in burning videos onto DVD's, my daughter has quite a few hours of her at different show jumping events and now needs to burn them onto DVD's.
The problem is I don't know what I need in terms of decent software to do it.
She has a decent DVDW in her p/c so that is not a problem it's just the software that's needed, and it needs to be quite good but easy to use.
Anybody got any ideas.

  eedcam 09:30 11 Aug 2007

The cheapest is possibly Uleads movie studio Personal choice adobe premiere elements or magix movie studio plus .All avaialble with free working download trials . Be aware it is a very power hungry process Iwould try them out se whichyou find the easiest to use . What is the original format in Mini -dv or dvd as some handle each differently

  crosstrainer 11:40 11 Aug 2007


click here

  eedcam 14:06 11 Aug 2007

Forgot to say check out the user forums for each one give you an idea what kind of support is available

  carver 19:48 11 Aug 2007

Sorry to take so long to reply but been out all day with my daughter show jumping.
The format that I'm useing is a Pannasonic Mini-dv tape.
I'll try these out first but if you can think of any others I'd be gratefull.

  Pamy 19:57 11 Aug 2007

Your daughter may have a decent DVDW, but what input does she have. What output does the camera have IEE/and or USB 2 and does the computer have the same? or none?

  eedcam 22:38 11 Aug 2007

Carver in that case you need to make sure your pc has firewire(IEE) installed you canot use usb with satisfactory results . If you are running XP then you have windows movie maker installed you can capture to that but not burn direct to dvd with it. .Be aware 1 hour of dv-avi is 13 G/byte in size.Do suss out my reference to user support forums believe me ther is a world of difference. If you want another chucked in the pot Adobe premiere that'll set you back several hundred quid. The only other at reasonable cost is Sony vegas . You pays your money and take your choice

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