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  dogbreath1 15:54 20 Dec 2004

I have a very large c.d. collection which I am in the process of archiving to my hard drive to protect the original discs. I've ripped most of the discs to my hard drive (saving them in mp3 format) using dBpowerAMP but I underestimated how much disc space it would eat up. My p.c. and hi-fi are about to be connected by a Xitel HiFi Link (which uses a usb port to bypass the sound card) to form a jukebox. I have now decided to burn the mp3s to dvd (the whole collection should fit on less than 20 dvd+rs) to free up hard drive space. To achieve this I installed a Plextor PX-716A DVD Burner into my p.c.- the p.c. has a 2.15GHz AMD Athlon processor clocked at 166MHz, 120Gb hard drive, 1Gb DDR RAM and I use Windows XP Home Ed.. Sorry for going on a bit, but I'm never quite sure how much information is enough on a tech. forum! And now to the problem- burning software- I've tried [1] Pinnacle Instant CD + DVD v and [2] Nero Burning I find both products complicated to use and unreliable. I am, therefore, seeking opinions- is there really a simple and reliable piece of kit out there that will fit my system and burning requirements? Any help gratefully received.

  TomJerry 17:05 20 Dec 2004

Nero is the best burning software around. It cannot be unreliable, may be not burning software's faults, maybe problem with burner, or dvd media etc. If you use Nero, it is better to turn off XP's CD writeing function.

As for easy or difficult, it is personal choice. I found Nero easy to use. You can try others to find the one you like most.

You can try DropToCD click here.

One suggestion: Mp3 is not the best format for archiving your CD collection because it is a lossy compression format. Even you use highest bit rate, you still loss some information. It is better to use a lossless format for archiving purpose. Wav is a lossless format, but no compression, two good loss less formats (FALC click here and Monkey's Audio click here) can compress one CD (700MB) into about 360MB.

  dogbreath1 19:00 20 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice, TomJerry. I tried DropToCD and it's a very similar interface to Nero- so I'll live with Nero for the time being. The three recurrent problems I am encountering are [1] I prepare a burn project, insert a blank dvd+r disc and sometimes get the message 'this disc is write protected' [2] I try to read a completed disc and get a message about corrupted data, or [3] I try to read a completed disc by browsing the contents in My Computer (Drive F)- screen freezes and on x ing the My Computer screen I get the message 'The Programme is Not Responding' and I am then asked to 'Send An Error Report'. All the read functions on Drive F seem OK (cd audio/dvd film/cd rom) and about 1 in 5 burn projects succeed. Also how do I disable Windows XP writing function as you suggested. I see your point re mp3 shortcomings but I am too far down the road to change tack. For the record, I've used Nero for CD burning for a long time (on this p.c.) using a Benq CD drive.

  jimv7 19:17 20 Dec 2004

It might be that the nero software you are using in OEM and locked to the benq drive.

Try downloading the demo version from click here

  dogbreath1 00:56 21 Dec 2004

Thanks jimv7, you might have solved my problem. I've just burned two dvds with no hitch and both of them played in My Computer. Will get back if it reverts but for now, much obliged.

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