DVD Burner won't recognise CD

  fitshase 08:42 10 Jul 2007

I bought an external USB2 DVD Burner (Samsung) a while back for my old laptop. Now it's not needed so I took the drive out and fitted it to my desktop to replace the current DVD burner (Writemaster).

(Samsung) - Burning DVDs is no problem and the drive is faster than the old one. However, it will not recognise blank CDs (Verbatim). The CDs start to turn then make a noise (this process is repeated until I eject the CD).

I stuck the old DVD burner (Writemaster) back in and that one recognises the CDs but will only burn to 98% completion and then a noise is made and the burn fails.

I thought it might be the CDs so I tried them in my work laptop and that burnt them no problem. So, I got some different CDs from work and the Writemaster burns these OK but the Samsung one does the same thing (spin, noise, spin, noise).

Any ideas anyone? I want to stick some photos on a CD to distribute around but I want to make sure that they are going to be able to be read. I would put them on a DVD but some people I am sending them to only have CD drives.

  jack 10:46 10 Jul 2007

This is not at all clear cut like a failed burner is it.
I wonder what program are you using to 'Burn'? the native XP one or a third party one.

Try another burn program
Download this free one CDBurnerXP Pro 3
Check it and come back

  fitshase 12:48 10 Jul 2007

I've tried Nero 7 and the built in Windows one.

The problem is that the noise is made by the drive even before I start the software. The Samsung drive doesn't detect the CD (just spins and makes a noise). The Writemaster detects it and will read it no problem but burning is a bit of a problem.

I'm baffled.

  jack 19:47 10 Jul 2007

If this is a new purvhase then assumin you have installed it correctly -
But then it must be because it does DVD's but it is CD's you are trouble with.
This does suggest a dud drive- I would send it back whence it came for a new one.

  fitshase 19:52 10 Jul 2007

Unfortunately it's not a new purchase. The Samsung was bought about 3 years ago and the desktop computer with the Writemaster was bought about 2 years ago.

I initially thought it was a dud but then it seemed strange that both of them would have problems.

I'll buy a different batch of CDs again and see if it makes any difference. I'm loathed to buy a new drive just to burn CDs as it is DVDs which I use the most (not used CDs in a long while!).

Cheers for your help.

try uninstalling the secondary ide channel from device manager
ide ata/atapi controllers expand to reveal secondary ide channel uninstall and reboot
then update the firmware for the samsung,to see if that makes any difference

  fitshase 21:53 10 Jul 2007


I have the following under device manager:-

Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
VIA Bus Master IDE Controller

I gather it is just the Secondary IDE Channel that I uninstall?

secondary ide channel is fine

  fitshase 09:58 12 Jul 2007

Still no joy. I've uninstalled the Secondary IDE channel.

I've also updated the firmware on both drives. The Writemaster now writes the CD but still makes a noise at the end. However, the burn is successful.

The Samsung makes the same noise as before and will not recognise the CD.

  fitshase 08:18 18 Jul 2007

Still nothing.

I've just been sent some photos on a CD by a friend and the Samsung drive will not read them at all.

The Writemaster drive will read them no problem so I think I am looking at a problem with the drive.

May have to invest in a new one.

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