DVD Burner tray will not eject

  THOMASIO 13:44 22 Jun 2003

My burner will burn DVD'S, but if I save or try to open files the tray will not open. The only time it will open is on boot up or shut down. I have a new computer with Roxio Easy Writer pre-insalled.
Any ideas.

  -pops- 15:48 22 Jun 2003

I don't know about your setup but, Nero has a specific procedure to follow after burning a disk before it will let you open the tray. This is to prevent accidental opening whilst the disk is being burned.

Ensure that you are following the instructions of your software exactly.


  pj123 15:52 22 Jun 2003

don't know about DVD but if it is anything like CD/RWs you have to right click it and then click on "eject".

  THOMASIO 15:56 22 Jun 2003

Thanks Brian,
The software came pre-installed by Dell without any instuctions. I will mention this to Dell tech support next time I call them.

  THOMASIO 15:59 22 Jun 2003

Thanks pj123,
Right clicking works provided you have not saved or try to open a saved file. After a straight burn there is no problem

  crx1600 16:31 22 Jun 2003

THOMASIO, i notice you mention a difference to 'saving a file' and 'a straight burn'.

does this mean the problem is with 'drag to disc' method of recording only.

it may help if you give the make/model of your DVD drive, and the version of easyCD you're using.

i see this at roxio support 'Drag-to-Disc Known Issues: Panasonic D311 DVD Drive Users: The drive does not hard eject with DVD-R media in the drive'

  THOMASIO 21:40 22 Jun 2003

Thank You crx1600,
Out all afternoon so didn't get back.
The drive is NEC +R +RW DVD burner as fitted to current DIMENSION 8300 using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.
Any further assistance appreciated.

  crx1600 23:05 22 Jun 2003

open easyCD and look under help/about for the version number. if its not 5.3.5 then there is an update. click here

  THOMASIO 16:59 23 Jun 2003

Thank You crx1600
I have version 5.3.5
Perhaps my only option is to try Nero. Just a pity Dell dont give a choice.
If you have any other ideas I would appreciate your help.

  hssutton 17:51 23 Jun 2003

I use ECDC6, To eject it is sometimes necessary to go to Drag-To-Disk amd then left click the menu, a number of options appear including 'Eject Disk.

Having used Nero, I find ECDC6 to be the better of the two.

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