DVD Burner problems

  AlanHo 04:56 21 Jan 2004

I have an LG GSA 4040B DVD burner on my Athlon 1800 computer which has worked flawlessly using the LG supplied driver and software until last week and is now giving me constant problems.

When I use my back-up software to take a data back-up (5,600 files total 3.5 Gb) on either DVD-RAM or DVD-RW media the process sometimes stops with the error message

Cannot create or replace [file name] : Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

Exactly the same thing happens if I drag and drop the files using Windows Explorer.

This occurs randomly – I cannot attribute it to a particular file or the time elapsed copying or specific media (my TDK DVD-RAM and DVD-RW discs have always worked fine until recently and a re-format and chkdsk carried out on them revealed no problems). Copying to CD-RW and CD-R media would appear to work OK.

To try and rectify the problem I have carried out the following actions – rechecking the copy performance at each stage – but without curing the problem.

1. Used Windows XP home retore to get back to a known good point

2. Used device manager to reinstall the DVD burner

3. Downloaded the latest LG firmware

4. Reinstalled all LG software

5. Formatted hard drive, fresh install of Windows XP and all my software followed by downloading and installing all Micosoft and other vendors updates and patches.

6. Carried out a full virus scan of all drives using McAfee (with latest DAT files)

7. Repeated actions 2 to 4 after the Windows reinstall.

After doing all the above, the problem remains – anyone have any ideas on other things I might try ?

  Lozzy 10:16 21 Jan 2004

It sounds to me that your drive may have a fault as you have done everything poss. Is your drive still under warrenty?? Also have tried chkdsk on the DVD disk?

  Lozzy 10:17 21 Jan 2004

One other question::

Have you tried re burning your data onto a new DVD then can the drive read that disk?? Or do you get the same error msg?? Please advise

  Chegs ® 10:26 21 Jan 2004

However, have you tried reading/writing at a lower speed?

I ran the cyclic redundancy check error thru google,and it produced several thousand results.Most were to do with several different types of data storage(hdd's/zip,etc)and suggested fixes were Repair/reinstall windoze,but one suggested burning at slower speed,and according to the thread in another forum,it worked for them.

  AlanHo 12:55 21 Jan 2004

Thanks for the feedback guys - here is my response

Yes the drive is under warranty - it was purchased last October from a Web retailer. It's begining to look like I need to contact LG support.

I have tried several discs - both DVD-RAM and DVD-RW and they all behave the same. What is so frustrating is that my weekly back-up takes about 80 minutes - 20% of the time it runs OK but 80% of the time I hit the problem. Murphy's law decrees that the machine waits until the back-up is almost finished and I am about to breathe a sigh of relief - when it decides to fail - thus I have wasted an hour or so and have to start all over again, and again, and again.

I cannot try writing at a lower speed with DVD-RAM. This media does not require packet writing software because the disc is formatted FAT32 and behaves exactly like a hard drive. You can drag and drop from Explorer or write files to it with any other software - just as you would to a hard disc. It is an excellent format (or it was when working properly).The discs are far more durable than DVD-RW or DVD+RW and can be written to and wiped more than 100,000 times.

The drive will read any CD or DVD without a problem - be they originals, discs from another computer or discs created on this one.

  stlucia 13:13 21 Jan 2004

It might not be your DVD burner: I've had similar problems recently (but not the 'cyclic redundancy check' part of the message so far as I recall) when trying to drag and drop folders containing multiple sub-folders and files -- total about 6Gb -- onto another HDD in my annual housekeeping/backup exercise.

I solved the problem by copying one sub-folder at a time.

  AlanHo 21:59 21 Jan 2004

I take your point - however I can copy my back-up to my second hard dsc without a problem. I only have a problem when writing to the DVD burner when using either DVD-RAM or DVD-RW discs.

This leads me to conclude that there is nothing wrong with the source files - it is when I copy to DVD-RAM or DVD-RW that I experience problems.

Hence my concern that it is the DVD burner at fault

  Chegs ® 22:15 21 Jan 2004

Could it be the filesize limitation of FAT32 thats causing it?

Clutching at straws now. :-)

  AlanHo 08:08 22 Jan 2004


I can't see how it can be anything to do with the file size - the computer was happily doing back-ups 10 days ago of the same data files onto the same DVD-RAM discs.

I purchased a new DVD-RAM disc to find out whether my others are damaged in some way - but this made no difference.

The mystery is - I can copy files in small batches - generally without a problem. If the copy action does happen to fail - then I can re-copy the file it failed on and carry on from there until the DVD disc is full.

I have now Emailed details to LG and await their advice. I will post the result here in case other forum members are interested.

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