DVD Burner Problem

  Shirgor 14:33 06 Jun 2007

On attempting to burn a DVD my computer shuts down
Any clues might help Playing DVDs OK

  pj123 16:46 06 Jun 2007

Any clues might help us to help you.

What O/S? What DVD Writer? What Program are you using to burn to DVD? What are you trying to burn to DVD? ect......????

  Shirgor 18:14 06 Jun 2007

Win XP SP2 with updates Pentium 4 , 3GHtz.Gigabites of spaces on HD.
Three Burners or more tried. Nero 6 Roxi's Creative 8 , Cyberlink Power Director.
The Drive AOpen Combination 16x etc
It plays both CDs & DVDs but as soon as I click Burn
the computer shuts down and the restarts. I disabled the restart so now it shuts down no error message so I just restart. All else seems to work fine. Could the prob be a corrupted Driver? If I need to be told exactly what to do. Thankyou for your interest

  David4637 15:37 07 Jun 2007

It may be that there is a conflict with the burning S/W. I don't think Nero and Roxi like each other on the same PC, you may need to delete one of them. Check what others think before doing so. David

  Shirgor 17:59 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for your input David4637. I 'm pretty sure I had both Roxio & Nero loaded before things went awry although I'm not sure about Cyberlink Director * Producer.

  Shirgor 18:03 07 Jun 2007

Does anyone know is there a common file in windows xp that all DVD Burners use ? If so I would like to try and replace, but how I'm not sure!

  eedcam 18:49 08 Jun 2007

if its a disc image you are trying to burn you could try Imgburn Freebie that has no conflict with Nero and a better burner

  Shirgor 19:40 08 Jun 2007

Thanks eedcam I'm sure there is something fundemental like a damaged file I have tried different Burners and even wrote to a 700m Disc in Video which plays via my DVD player connected to the TV But when I tried to Burn DVD Pal recorded file to
a DVD disc the computer just shut down immediately on my click to Burn

  eedcam 22:34 09 Jun 2007

Shirgor obvious question but apart from software you do have a dvd writer? writing to a Cd that plays video on your player aint the same as a dvd

  rabadubdub 22:47 09 Jun 2007

Microsoft burns disks (in WMPlayer) using the ex-Adaptec software - which is now Roxio.
There were many problems over the last year or so and Roxio issued a fix but, I'm not so sure it's directly related to your problem, as it caused problems when trying to play cd's, not just burning.
Not sure this is a help or further confusion..LOL


  rabadubdub 22:49 09 Jun 2007

Does it make any difference whether DVD+/-R or RW?

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