DVD Burner - not burning correctly.

  ANDY-212408 22:37 11 Jul 2005

Recently my DVD burner has stopped operating correctly. I have a sony OEM burner and have used both pinnacle instant and nero and both do not burn correctly (using windows XP). In pinnacle although the drive should burn cd-r's at 40 speed the writing disc graphic shows it jumping from 20 to 6 to 10 to 6 to 2speed... etc and the device buffer that used to stay at 95 to 100% is now falling to as low as 2% and as high as 60% or so.
Althougth at the end it is saying that the disc has been burned successfully errors are occuring such as music tracks not playing one after the other.
If you need more detail please ask i really could do with some help as the computer makers helpdesk cannot help and have just replaced my burner with a new one and it is still doing the same thing.

  HXP 23:00 11 Jul 2005

Uninstall and then reinstall the burning software - try just installing one of them at a time at first and then run to check.If it's ok them load second.

When I had pinnacle on my old machine I just used that and it was fine, didn't load nero as I think there was some compatability problems with earlier versions of Nero v Pinnacle.

Try copying tracks to the HDD and burning from there (just in case you are trying cd to cd) you should then have no buffer under runs.

Apart from that try different media ?

I know it's a bit vague but I have been through the mill with mine and had to compromise.

I have a similar problem where nero copies CD's ok but the software that came with PC won't - but burns DVd's ok. Tried lots of things in the end I use nero for CD's and INTERVIDEO for DVD's .....


  ANDY-212408 23:19 11 Jul 2005

This problem started about 6 weeks ago. At that stage after talking to the helpdesk, and getting no joy, i formatted my hard drive and started again.At present i only have pinaccle installed before that it was both. With regard to the media i have always used the same TDK media.
All i can fatham at present is that now i know the drive is ok.
Is there settings / options that could be changed to rectify this?
The helpdesk originally said to make sure that in device manager that the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller was set to PIO only which i have done.

  De Marcus 23:24 11 Jul 2005

The helpdesk you rang was gravely mistaken, the drive shout have dma enabled and set to the highest possible one supported, if it's set too high the OS will automatically drop it down a level each time an error occurs until it finds a working mode. In short PIO mode is most definitely not what you need.

  De Marcus 23:25 11 Jul 2005

the drive shout???

the drive should sounds better :-)

  De Marcus 23:41 11 Jul 2005

Here's a little checklist:

1. Enable dma on the drive.

2. Disable imapi service by going to start, run and typing: services.msc, scroll down to imapi cd burning com and right click on it, select properties, startup type and select disabled.
This serves to get rid of any nero conflict with xp's built in cd-burning asset.

3. Make sure you have the latest updates for nero from click here p.s. the burn speed is a known problem and is resolved by making sure you have all the right patches and updates.

4. If you can, use RW media until it starts to burn correctly, therefore saving you disks.

5. Try another programme such as CDBurner Xp Pro which if burns successfully will confirm if this is hardware or software related. click here I know you've tried pinnacle as well but one more won't do any harm, and there's always the old addy: third time lucky :-)

6. Repeat of 1. Make sure dma is enabled, ring the helpdesk back and give the person a verbal slapping whilst also telling them they must have pressed the wrong button on the screen. ;-)



  ANDY-212408 00:08 12 Jul 2005

Enabled DMA and that has done the trick - wizzed through the burn process. Did not need to do anymore than point 1, as nero not currently loaded.
Will check disc in car tomorrow - should be fine.
Thanks again - it was beginning to do my head in. Might do 6 anyway LOL

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