DVD Burner Up Grade

  euthorbia 03:40 02 Feb 2004

Thinking or ugrading from CD burner to a DVD duel burner.Looking on the dabs site,at the numerus drives,notice a paticular model_MSI DR8-A_seems to have all the requirments,disk supports,dvd-r dvd+ anybody got any reports on this model!reasonably priced as well_£99.99p_theaceae

  Quiller. 06:53 02 Feb 2004

Sorry don't know of that model, 8X is it?

£99.99 seems a lot or are all 8X expensive. Some good 4X burners here for a lot less. click here

  The Sack 11:03 02 Feb 2004

The NEC ND-2500a is the current king of the DVD burners click here

Review click here

User reviews click here

  Smiler 11:47 02 Feb 2004

I have the MSI DR4-A which writes at 4X. It has worked well for me but can be fussy about the discs it uses for HD-Burn (this is writing twice as much to a normal cdr disc) The 8X will only work on a disc that is capable of being written at that speed not just any DVD+R

Have a look here click here for the specs

  The Sack 12:42 02 Feb 2004

Most good quality 4X DVD (TY for instance) will have the descriptors in place to enable it to be wrote at 6X or 8X.

  Smiler 14:13 02 Feb 2004

As you say most GOOD quality discs.

Here is the list of recommended discs for the DR8-A

click here

  The Sack 14:15 02 Feb 2004

But the NEC ND-2500a will burn any old crap and to a level which conforms to the DVD error correction standards ;-)

  sschsu 14:23 02 Feb 2004

I have this DVD burner and it writes to DVD-R DVD+R using Nero 6. It cost £70.33 inc VAT at Ebuyer.com. click here

  The Sack 14:39 02 Feb 2004

You all seem to be missing the point. The NEC ND-2500a uses a new chipset and writing stratergys to enable it to write to just about anything, yes even Princo's! For a mear 15 English pounds more than a 1300a you can write to both media at 8x (providing the descriptors are in place on the media) and not worry about what discs you shove in it.

  Smiler 15:00 02 Feb 2004

I think you should fully read the review you are sending us to above as even the reviewers coudn't get the drive to write to all media at 8X. Yes it does seem a good machine and worth the money but as always if you use cheap media it doesn't guarantee that the cheep disc you have written on will be any good a couple of years down the line.

  Smiler 15:01 02 Feb 2004

cheep cheep!!!!

sorry cheap as in cost not the sound of a chick.

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