DVD burn drives -and older computers!

  jack 08:53 12 Mar 2005

As I write there are two strings on a misperforming DVD writer, installed as 'upgrades' to existing kit.
I have just purchased a similar 'Pioneer DV109' which whilst it perfoms as a reader'writer od CD-R etc I am having a real tussle getting the DVD aspect to even show, let along burn anything.

I wonder therefore if we are all inured in this Plug'n'Play age and are getting a bit ahead of our selves.
Do the other aspects of our machines have to have certain attributes before the new kit will perform?
For example my machine now 3years old with an
MSI-K7T266 Pro MoBo and Via VT8366 chipset and Athlone 1.4 processor, was around perhaps before DVD writing became a possibility-
So I am led to wonder is there something missing somewhere?

  FelixTCat 09:07 12 Mar 2005

Your system is well capable of burning DVDs. You don't say how much memory or hard disk space you have, but the requirements are by no means onerous.

You also don't say what software you are using to burn DVDs. For example, in Nero you have to tell the software whether you are going to burn a DVD or a CD.

  jack 18:16 13 Mar 2005

Than you for the comments Felix
As for software - well now that is a can of worms for me at the moment.

I have been using Nero 5.5 thgen it starting telling me the WINASPI.hhl is missing.
Sinvce then I have been and are being a merry dance copying one off from a 98 machine.
Down loading Nero's own and third part one.
Removing and re installing Nero using Nero tools
But is is still Zero from Nero, which made me wonder about hardware/software compatability.
Mean while I have given Nreo a rest and used the PC Advisor disc freeby- Crop to CD - and it works perfectly - now if it would only burn DVD!!

  fitcher 18:30 13 Mar 2005

although I have a dvd writer in my laptop .I find I do not use it as much as my cd writer in my pc .so when I was contemplating a back up drive for my pc ,I have oppted for an exterior hard drive ,to use on both ,being brutal I think dvd writers are rubbish ,and will only buy one when they stop producing coasters ,out of expensive disks ,I notice they have fallen in price dramaticaly ,why ? because,sales have plumeted ,mind you thats only my opinion

  FelixTCat 19:48 13 Mar 2005

What operating system are you using? Is it Win 98?

I think that to run Nero with Win 98 you may have to download a new ASPI driver (a driver to help DVD players work).

  JonnyTub 19:51 13 Mar 2005

pioneer have released an "important" flash for the drives firmware, i've done mine even though i had no problems, it may resolve your problems.

click here

  Julemand 20:03 13 Mar 2005

Buy nero reload 69 dollars to download key. you can also mail me And I can advise you on other programs to burn dvd's.

  woodchip 20:10 13 Mar 2005

Try this it's Free click here Download at bottom of page

  JonnyTub 20:12 13 Mar 2005

Flash the drive before parting with any money or trying another programmme, pioneer don't say an 'important' firmware upgrade for the sake of it.

  goonerbill © ® 20:19 13 Mar 2005

i may be wrong but nero 5.5 dont have dvd writing capabilities. these were added in the last updates for nero before 6 came out. do you have all the latest updates for nero??.

  woodchip 20:23 13 Mar 2005

PS I use the above software on my DVDRW

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