pcwhizz 21:20 12 Apr 2004

i am currently tryin to convert vobs(home movie footage from uncle abroad) on dvd to avi.

i currently use Auto GK with supplied xVID codec.

But with my athlon 2500+ system it takes an age to convert.

is there any way of gettin the vobs converted quicker

  BBez 23:30 12 Apr 2004

are you refering to Guardian Knot to rip the .vobs..? click here;33

  Sion 23:52 12 Apr 2004

I use DVD decrypter to rip the .Vob files off DVDs to the hard drive, then I use Dr. Divx to convert the VOB files to DIVx. DVD decrypter is a free utility you can find on the web, but Dr. Divx you have to purchase. Both are easy to use though

About your point on the process taking too long though, I have a 2700 XP AMD and it takes ages on mine too. Unfortunately, as good as AMD's are at gaming and applications which need a high Floating point unit, they are second rate, even to Celerons, at video encoding, down to the fact they have a low clock rating. Unless you want to shell out on a 2.8Ghz Celeron system (which actually outruns a AMD64bit CPU at encoding !) you'll just have to be patient.

  pcwhizz 10:37 13 Apr 2004

Thnaks for advice.

So if i shelled out on new 2.8 or 3.0 ghz p4. how fast would it wncode the vobs. how much quicker in other words.

  Sion 12:09 13 Apr 2004

I did have some links to benchamrks tests between AMD and Pentium CPU's at video encoding (i just upgraded from a 2000 to 2700 XP because i was finding video encoding so slow!) But i seem to have forgotten what site I saw them on ! oops. If i find it i will post it for you.

  Sion 12:20 13 Apr 2004

Ok that was quick ! Toms hardware has the benchmarks on there. If you get a Pentium, make sure it is a Pentium 4 with 800FSB, these are the processors that run rings around AMD. And make sure it is a northwood core, the new Prescott core is frankly, a waste of time. 2.8GHZ will offer the best price/performance ratio.

anyway, here is a link.
click here
click here
click here

here's a couple of different benchmarks dealing with different encoding programs, ie. MP3, VOB, MPEG2, MPEG4. All will give a good idea of how much faster a pentium is over an AMD.

Oh, and before i start a flame war with AMD fanboys telling me i am wrong, i'm not. I have always bought AMD in my systems, but even i know despite the fact their great at gaming, they are second rate to Pentium 4s at encoding and decoding. So there. Sorry feel the need to cover my back. You'd be suprised how angry nerds can get when you start threads like this !

Hope this helps ya pal.

  pcwhizz 12:22 13 Apr 2004

thnks sion

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