AngelofDeath 22:30 18 Mar 2006

I recently found a pc that had been thrown out for the dustman, i replaced some defective memory, added a new sound card, graphics card and added a wireless connection. The only remaining problem is that the DVD drive will not autoplay dvd games but will cd games. I have checked within the registry and the pc setup menu to ensure that the autoplay facility is enabled. I will if need be replace the drive, but if anybody has any suggestions, feel free.

The pc is a 1.7Ghz Athlon 2000+ processor
it is running windows xp
FX5200, 256MB PCI graphics card
1 gig of memory
cd re-writer
dvd rom drive


  wbiggchiefy 22:36 18 Mar 2006

What games are u trying to play - maybe they are too demanding being that games on CD work OK - could be not enough RAM, Processor Speed , etc...


  wbiggchiefy 22:39 18 Mar 2006

Also look for updated firmware re the DVDrom drive - this may help.


  AngelofDeath 22:54 18 Mar 2006


The games i am trying to load are UT2004 and Civilization IV, the pc meets the system requirements as printed on the dvd boxes. As for the drivers, that is one area i have considered. The disc drive has no manufacturers name printed on it and i have not been able to remove the drive from its bay to check it. I cannot find a method of releasing it from the bay, it is a front loaded into the bay, and i have removed the screws but i cannot shift it.


  wbiggchiefy 23:05 18 Mar 2006

Don't suppose u have another drive you could try
(eg from your main pc)

Also if u back everything up regularly and back EVERYTHING up now you could clean instsll windows xp (or whatever)!


  AngelofDeath 07:07 19 Mar 2006


If somebody knows what i need to release on a TIME PC to get the drive from its bay i would be grateful, as i said i have removed the only holding screw i could find but i have been unable to shift it from its bay, it seems to be an externally fitted drive unlike my Dell. So if there is a clip or whatever i need to release so i can remove it i can certainly try another drive.


  VoG II 08:22 19 Mar 2006

You could try click here first.

  AngelofDeath 10:18 19 Mar 2006

Thanks for the programme, but it still shows that there is an unspecified fault that it was unable to correct, so it looks like i will have to replace the drive when i can work out how to get the old drive out of its bay.


  wbiggchiefy 22:11 19 Mar 2006

Some drives are fixed in with screws on both sides so you need to remove both side panels of the PC.


  AngelofDeath 06:12 20 Mar 2006

I had already considered that and removed both panels but found only one screw. Maybe the drive has never been removed before and thats why its reluctant, maybe i just need to use more force.


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