dvd authoring software

  fuggle 17:41 16 May 2008

I am compiling short home films and slide shows using dedicated software (Pinnacle Studio and ProShow Gold) to finalise each project.

I am now looking for some software (known, I believe, as DVD authoring) into which I can copy and compile the files in list form. I would then like to select a group of files from the list and burn them with a titles menu to DVD for TV viewing so that I can select which one to run.

I believe that Nero and Roxio include this facility in overall packages but these also duplicate the creative and editing facilities which I already have in my dedicated software.

Can anyone suggest a stand-alone DVD authoring program?

  eedcam 18:26 16 May 2008

Most authoring software also has the editing facilities you say you dont need surprised your existing software does not do it . nevertheless if your files are ready to burn you could use freebie DVD shrink thet is capable of doing multiple files and each one will have its own existing title but not anything fancy click here would sugest you get something like Magix movie editor one of the earlier versions would be cheaper .that will do a really good job of menus just ignore its other editing facilities
Version 10 is available for under a tenner
click here

  MCE2K5 01:24 17 May 2008

Both (Pinnacle Studio and ProShow Gold) have facilities to make DVD's and burn them with a titles menu to DVD for TV viewing.


Hi John.

  eedcam 07:36 17 May 2008

Hi David
as said surprised if it did'nt have it ?

  fuggle 10:35 18 May 2008

Thanks for the help. I can burn a one-off title in Pinnacle and ProShow but can't see how to make a list of completed projects and then select and burn as required.

  eedcam 11:59 18 May 2008

Would have thought you justadded each project as a chapter.Is this the sort of thing you have in mind
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  fuggle 11:14 19 May 2008

Thanks for your interest.
Ideally I want to compile and store a list of both short films and slide shows in some form of software so that I can when required select several projects (these would be possibly a mix of films and slide shows)and burn them to DVD.

As from my original post,I am not au fait with dvd authoring and have assumed that I can't do this form of overall burn in either Pinnacle Studio or Proshow.

  eedcam 13:09 19 May 2008

If you cant do it with what you have then Magix will be suitable

  fuggle 08:40 20 May 2008

Thanks for the help. I'll check out Magix.

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