DVD for Australia.

  Miros 20:02 16 Aug 2007

My Wife's Cousin in 'OZZ' celebrates a 'big' birthday this year, and my wife would like to buy the series of BBC Coast DVD's as a present for her.

Having done a search of BBC sales and Amazon I know that we can get the DVD's but I don't think they will be playable in 'OZZ'! Can Anyone offer any help with this problem please.

  Miros 21:04 16 Aug 2007

Thanks you, I will secretly phone her husband to find out if they have a multi-region player,
otherwise it's back to the drawing board, as I suspect the DVD's in question are not multi region.

  umbongo(uk) 21:39 16 Aug 2007

buy a dvd player from tesco etc for about £6.49
then get a travel adapter
then the coast series
just use the dvd to watch it

tesco dvd
click here

slightly more expensive £12.00
click here

just an idea like cos when my sisters kids came over from nz they got loads of dvds etc so we just bought em a multi region dvd player n travel adapter so they could watch any region dvds when they got back home and the ones they got for xmas

  C3 22:18 16 Aug 2007

If you get the manufacturer and model number of their DVD player, once you've done a google search you may find instructions on how to Region-Free the DVD player.

Some players it is as simple as pressing a few buttons, but some it involves updating firmware or can't be done at all.

In Google do a search along the lines of

"[manufacturer] [model] RC1" or
"[manufacturer] [model] region free"

Just use different combinations of words.

  Miros 22:18 16 Aug 2007

Good idea but both out of stock :-(
I'll keep my eye on them thanks.

Then I have to ask the question would the Player be compatible with OZY TV systems, it could get more complicated, I would guess though and would hope NZ and OZZ systems would be much the same?

  C3 22:20 16 Aug 2007

(bumping as we posted at the same time and you may miss this)

  Miros 22:21 16 Aug 2007

If it was possible to do as you say would it still play a DVD from this region?

  Miros 22:22 16 Aug 2007

Again we bump :-)

  eedcam 22:26 16 Aug 2007

If push come to shove copy them then they will be region free. Would'nt look good as a prezzy though

  €dstowe 22:29 16 Aug 2007

Are you sure the disk is region coded?

I've just checked a couple of BBC DVDs and neither have region coding - it's isn't something that would really be in the BBC's interest to do as they are looking for world-wide sales of their products. Very different to the restrictive practices shown by the US film industry.

  Miros 22:29 16 Aug 2007

Haven't got them yet but some DVDs I'm not always able to copy in my experience.

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