dvd audio fails

  johndrakenumber6 02:53 01 Jan 2006

hi, hope someone can help. i have windows 2k, and when i play a dvd the sound fails after a couple of minutes. it will only play sound if i restart the dvd, and then only for the 2 mins-could this be memory - RAM? i have 256mb

  ade.h 21:01 01 Jan 2006

We'll need more info first of all.

Make/model of sound card or onboard chip, whichever is applicable?

DVD codec and/or software used?

  johndrakenumber6 08:14 02 Jan 2006

hi thanks for response; the software is Power DVD, it is an LG 4082B deck. please advise how i obtain the other info' required. thanks j

  ade.h 15:37 02 Jan 2006

The DVD playback section of WMP10's help files says:

"To play DVDs, you must have a DVD-ROM drive and a software or hardware DVD decoder installed on your computer. If you do not have a compatible DVD decoder installed, DVD-related commands, options, and controls do not appear in the Player and you cannot play DVDs. By default, Windows does not include a DVD decoder."

If you have not already downloaded a codec and you have not installed one from a CD or DVD, then you don't have the ability to play DVD films.

That you can play them - albeit for a couple of minutes - shows that you have picked up a codec from somewhere.

Not all codecs get listed in the plug-ins tab of WMP10's options page, but it is the first place to look.

We do need to know what codec you are trying to use so that we can advise further. It may be a case of re-installing it, or you may need to try another. The use of Windows 2000 may potentially throw a spanner in it with regard to compatability with a particular codec.

  ade.h 15:40 02 Jan 2006

Regarding software:

I need to know what media software you are using to play the DVD. Is it WMP 9 or 10, WinDVD, Sonic, etc?

This is closely related to codecs too; for example WinDVD is what I use and as it's designed to play DVDs, it already has the required codecs.

  johndrakenumber6 16:13 02 Jan 2006

hi, thanks for the response. the software i am using is Power DVD, although Real Player does exactly the same. Windows MP does not seem to recognize that i have a DVD deck at all. i tried to update the driver from LG disc, after i had done this the driver in properties was the same (Microsoft 5.0.2183.1), even though i tried to load from software disc, but the description in system changed from CD ROM to DVD RAM. when playing the DVD, PC system does not seem to be working to capacity (Task Manager). any advise you can give very much appreciated, thanks again. j

  ade.h 16:56 02 Jan 2006

"I tried to update the driver from LG disc; after I had done this the driver in properties was the same (Microsoft 5.0.2183.1)"

I'm not surpised; that's as it should be because optical drives do not need third-party drivers. They are supported by in-built OS-derived drivers.

The system decsription is correct - DVD Ram.

"When playing the DVD, PC system does not seem to be working to capacity (Task Manager)."

Surely that's a good thing?! If your PC was running its maximum resources just to play a DVD, I'd say upgrade!

"Windows MP does not seem to recognize that i have a DVD deck at all"

In what way exactly? Here is what mine looks like click here

  johndrakenumber6 17:12 02 Jan 2006

hi. there are no dvd files in supported file types in WMP! Not sure if this is relevant, there are no available upgrades either. sorry if i confusing issue

  ade.h 17:28 02 Jan 2006

Not relevant at all. As I said earlier, WMP does not natively support DVD films or any form of Mpeg video files. DVD playback is not something that you can just do right out of the box without additional software.

You would need a codec for that, usually third-party such as Sonic (which I used to use).

In your case, Power DVD - and bear in mind that I am not familiar with this app, but it is probably like WinDVD - will have its own built-in codecs for DVD audio and video.

I think there must be an issue with your Power DVD installation or maybe with Power DVD itself. Have you tried other DVDs, or other software?

  ade.h 17:33 02 Jan 2006

click here for a trial of WinDVD. It works with Windows 2000.

  johndrakenumber6 17:35 02 Jan 2006

hi again, well i tried real player which does the same, the DVDs play ok on a domestic player. maybe i should download and try WIN DVD?

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