DVD 9?

  orlandogreenback 20:17 03 Apr 2004

Does anyone know how close we are to being able to buy dual layer DVD burners and how much they're likely to cost? I want a burner but I'm holding fire for one of these babies...

  TomJerry 20:33 03 Apr 2004

It may appear in this year. I was told it is in Japan already.

If you want to get "future proof" product, you will alway be waiting. After dual layer burnr, then there will be Blue Laser DVD which hold over 20GB and Sony is producing them now.

Get a 8x sigle layer DVD (e.g. NEC ND-2500) for £60 click here and more blank discs, and when dual layer come out with good price, get another one.

  QQAA 21:38 03 Apr 2004

technology was popularised by the powerful american movie industry as a mean of copy protection for their DVD movie discs, i suppose.

fortunately, its effectiveness has declined over the past two years as more and more feeware/shareware tools (or a combination of tools) such as "DVD Shrink" "Intervideo DVD Copy" become made available to enable easy backup copying of DVD9 Disc into separate 'normal' DVD5 discs of 4.7GB capacity.

from a practical viewpoint, i would rather hope to see the DVD format war between DVD+RW and DVD-RW being settle quickly, for the sake of future progress for all concerned parties.

i reckoned the dual-layer dvd writers could well be interim products designed to ensure continuous cash flows to its japanese makers, sony and panasonic.

finally, i wonder what would become of the operational reliability and production cost of future dvd writers if all the makers have to add the dual-layer capability into the already delicate task of DVD-burnings on dual-format writers.

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