DVB-T Stick.

  Derek 06:23 28 Dec 2006

I've got a Freecom TV stick DVB-T USB 2.0
and it's playing up.
The pictures keep freezing at intervals of a few seconds, the sounds come in spurts and crackles.
My aerial is a new Maplin 48 Element Hi gain Wideband, C 21-68 and is newly co-axed and dedicated.
I'm using ArcSoft Total Media.
CPU is Athlon 2000+ XP (462)
Mem is 768.
I've been in constant contact with a man called Niel at Freecom and followed every bit of advice.
He's sent me the latest CD Rev 622 (A).
I've cleaned up the PC (which is dedicated to using a projector) by using the latest Registry First Aid, Ad-Aware, Defender, AVG, Startup Inspector and CCleaner.

  Technotiger 07:15 28 Dec 2006

Hi, I have the same TV Stick - in my case it is excellent, but I did have a bit of experimenting to do in order to get it as it is now. The critical thing is in fact the position of the little black box, not only the aerial. I use my main tv aerial, but even with that the position of the box itself is what you need to adjust in order to get the best results -
as I have said, I am glad I persevered as I do
enjoy great reception on my PC.

Good luck with yours.

  jack 09:16 28 Dec 2006

This is a great little device and works fine on my Desktop.
The supplied Ariel is stuck to a window pane in the room facing into the room.
We are located about 15 miles east of Crystal Palace
the reception is good but the odd frame freeze/sound break up can be experienced from time to time.
As indeed we can on the Main TV/Digi box
This I think has more to do with external conditions
rather than device or Ariel- Look up Freeview and pass your info to them see what they have to say.

  steve0 10:14 28 Dec 2006

I've had the same stick since it came out. Have found that it likes as much processing power as possible - forcing more makes it run much smoother -

Open Windows task manager - Processes tab and scroll to the program - right click and set priority to high

This works well on my desktop machine Pentium 2Ghz. Also find program will not run at all on my Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop unless I run speedstrip and force processor to run at full speed.

How far are you away from the transmitter - try the stick in a different location - I've tried using mine on the laptop in some areas and the signal is too weak - look at the signal strength bars - are they in the green?

  Stuartli 10:33 28 Dec 2006

The freezing and crackling sound is probably due to the Maplin aerial, which is providing too much signal to the stick.

I used to have the same problem with my internal Freeview PCI TV card, which is fed from an aerial amplifer that was on full gain (and which, in turn, is fed from another aerial amplifier some 25ft away).

Quite by chance I discovered that reducing the second amplifier's boost control to the minimum of 3dB gain rather than the maximum 18dB, the pictures and sound reverted to normal standards on the affected channels.

Try attenuating the aerial's feed to the stick.

  Stuartli 15:00 28 Dec 2006

Further to above - been having a word with my best mate, who owns an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet.

Apparently the problem with ITV and associated channels on Freeview, both on set top boxes and TV cards, is due to the type of transmissions sent out on this particular MUX and incompatibility with Philips chipsets.

ITV, it is claimed, have refused to change the method of transmission, which has resulted in owners of modern set top boxes suffering the problem; it doesn't arise with the older ON/ITVDigital boxes because they used a different chipset.

Philips, it seems, are frantically seeking to find a cure but, in the meantime, there's little or nothing that can be done by owners.

  Derek 09:48 29 Dec 2006

Many thanks to everyone for your concerted efforts.
I now have plenty of information (I think) to cure most problems.

Many thanks to all once again.

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