DV to PC and DVD sees big loss of quality.

  CorrolejoBob 20:18 04 Apr 2008

When I view recordings on the screen of my Sony DCR-HC45 , or on my TV using the cables supplied , I have perfect quality images. However , if I transfer the video to my PC and ,or , DVD (through firewire) the quality is poor - very grainy. Also , the sound is lost if the DVD´s played on my DVD player , yet is there if played on my PlayStation. I´m new to all this and would be pulling my hair out if I wasn´t bald to begin with. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  DieSse 00:11 05 Apr 2008

You use the word "transfer" - but I wonder if that is all that's involved.

Quality is usually lost where format translations are involved, which sometimes also involve resolution changes too.

I would not think you can transfer from your camera to a DVD, for instance, without a format change.

Often the software used to do these translations has settings to affect the file sizes and resolutions, and hence the quality.

  CorrolejoBob 03:35 05 Apr 2008

I´ve managed to get in to the Video Options menu on Nero and change the default to High Quality. I´ll try this and let you know how I get on. Many thanks for the response DieSse.

  Joe R 14:16 05 Apr 2008


also remember that when viewing on a T.V., you are seeing the pictures at a resolution of 640X480, whereas on your pc, these resolutions change to, normally, at least 1024x768, or 1280x1040.

These resolution will make any normal image, (excepting High definition) grainy.

  CorrolejoBob 15:05 05 Apr 2008

Thanks. Okay , how do I get the DVD I burn to be the same quality as when I play the camcorder through the TV? Sorry if this is a basic question , but this is all new to me. Thanks in advance.

  CorrolejoBob 17:52 05 Apr 2008

I´ve tried adjusting the settings in Nero , but am still getting very poor results. I understand that the picture on the PC can be low quality due to the difference in resolution , but shouldn´t it be DVD quality when playing back on a DVD? What am I missing? Can I set the quality at which the PC takes the images from the camcorder , or does the firewire do this as ás seen´? Does anyone know of any step-by-step guides out there that would suggest things to try? Again , playback on the camcorder , or through the TV via the camcorder is near perfect. It´s once the video´s been transfered to the PC and burnt to a disc the the quality is so bad. Please help. oh , and there´s no sound on the DVD´s either!

  DieSse 19:15 05 Apr 2008

What software are you using to do all these things - transfer to PC? - convert to DVD format? - burn to DVD?

  CorrolejoBob 19:55 05 Apr 2008

I´m using the Sony provided ´´Handycam-PC´software to transfer to my PC , then Nero. I ´Add Video File´´, and then it does everything else - transcodes data , burn to DVD. I´ve also tried doing the whole process through Nero , beginning with ´Capture Video - Sony DV Device´.Thanks for taking an interest in my problem DieSse.

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