bobby v 10:13 13 Jan 2003
  bobby v 10:13 13 Jan 2003

I want to transfer DV from my panasonic NVEX3 to DVD using iLink / firewire.I am going to get a new PC for this and thinking along the lines of 2GHz or faster 2x60GbHD one just for video 17 inch TFT. Now which type of DVD drive do I go for DVD+ or DVD- I want it to be compatible with most types of set top DVD players. Software Win XP home or pro whats the advantages of pro, editing software pinnacle studio 8 or videowave 5 would this be a good starting point for me or is there something better.I have a stills picture output on the camcorder how do I use this, I am a bit of a novice with PCs. Reading some of the mags on PCs and digital video there seems to be nothing but pitfalls and problems I am a bit put off to say the least.My budget is £1500 tops.

  scotty 12:41 13 Jan 2003

Video editing can be fraught with difficulties but what you are trying to do should be possible. Any difficulties you encounter can be sorted with a little help from forums such as this one.

I think it will be a few months before the winner of the DVD format war is clear. In the mean time, look at the Sony DVD writer that supports both formats. NEC are due to release a dual format drive soon - model ND1300. One option is to write your edited video back to tape and leave the decision about DVD writers until a later date.

I have recently started using Studio 8. I have found it fine for the simple editing I do (Capture from DV, detecting & arranging scenes, adding titles & transitions)

  KCR 13:15 13 Jan 2003

I use Pinnacle Version 7 and find it very easy to use. I also have a Panasonic digital camcorder and connect it using Ilink and the Firewire port on my computer. The Pinnacle software detects scenes on your video and creates a fold of all of the scenes which you can drag and dro, edit, add sound/music and include transitions (fades, wipes etc etc etc etc). It is all quite straightforward once you've been through it once. The Pinnacle software does not include a DVD authoring tool. These are pieces of software you need to create the scenes/chapters for DVDs and to write the DVD to a DVD disc.

I have a DVD-RW drive (the Pioneer 104). It is pretty slow - over 45 minutes for a full disc. The 105 is out now approx £200 and a lot faster. I understand that - format is more compatible than the + format at present and it seems that some of the DVD media for the - format is cheaper.

Hope this helps,


  rosblot 15:06 13 Jan 2003

Try reading The Little iMac Book, by John Tollett & Robin Williams. It contains the most detailed and easy to read "how to do it" information you could wish for. Sure it's iMac be most can be applied to pc if really object.

Pity nobody seems to have covered pc's in a similar manner.

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