dv capture quality

  georgeyoung 14:04 22 Apr 2003

I have a Sony DV DCRPC9e camcorder. I purchased a pc with the hope that I could edit the tape, add titles, cuts and sound tracks e.t.c and transfer them back to DV tape or better still onto DVD so that I could play it back in any location.

This should be possible, unless anyone can contradict me.

I have successfully captured some footage on my pc, added titles some music and fancy edits...however the full screen playback is awful.

I tried to transfer back to dv tape and the quality is very poor also.

What am I doing wrong? I have a 9000 Radeon 64M graphics card, 512M ram, 120 M free disc space. I am using firewire, I have tried using ulead and PowerDirector software.

I am new to all this so it may just be a set up issue.

I have still not successfully managed to burn a dvd.
Please help

  Jungle 15:24 22 Apr 2003

You state " Full Screen playback ".

I presume from this you are talking about playing the edited video on your PC monitor, rather than your TV ?

Have you tried altering the resolution on your monitor ?

Also its quite possible your processor's not up to the job of showing the footage full screen on your PC..( If its sub 650 mhz then it may not be able to do so, if its a higher spec ie 1Ghz or higher processor then you should be fine. )

Have you tried puting the edited version onto a DV tape then playing it through your TV.?

I presume that you Camera is Firewire in / out compatible ?


  MichelleC 16:02 22 Apr 2003

Your free space is 120 mb or gb? Plus what software?

  cream. 16:21 22 Apr 2003

I also have just come in to this digital camcorder phenomenon over the Easter break.

Although my system is a lowly amd 1gig with 256Mb of sdram and 30 gig of partitioned hard drive spare. The graphics card is an old GeForce 2 with 32Mb of ram. The camera is connected through a firewire adapter card that came with the 6\4 pin cable and Pinnacle Studio 8.4 SE, Not bad for £30 I thought.

The system seems to handle all the operations I through at it. Although I do not burn to DVD, I do burn to VCD and SVCD. These do tend to come out very well.

You say you have a a 9000 Radeon 64M graphics card, 512M ram, which is far Superior to mine. But you say you have only
120 M free disc space. Is this a typo error?

Although not much of a help to your problem, my system specs may help if you match them against yours.

  stlucia 16:32 22 Apr 2003

I carry out these tasks with a 600Mhz Athlon processor, and a budget video card. Playback on the PC screen is not wonderful due, presumably, to processor/video card limitations. Also, I can't record DV back to my camera for the same reason.

But I can record to DVD, no problem. The reason, I believe, is that it doesn't have to do it in real time -- it can, and does, take as long as it wants to create the MPEG files.

With my system I download from the camera (full quality, not preview quality) using Pinnacle, then edit the movie using Pinnacle, then "render" the movie into one or more MPEG(DVD quality) files using Pinnacle. Then I burn the MPEG files to a DVD using the software that comes with my burner (a Sony). The results are great.

So, stick with it.

  georgeyoung 10:51 23 Apr 2003

Yes it was a typo free disc space is 120Gig, my processor is 2.66G pentium 4.

Don't think the hardware should be the issue.

I have tried copying the produced video on the pc back to the DV and playing this back to through the tv but what was once broadcast quality is now like watching through a pair of tights!!

not that I have done this,... you understand..;)

I am fully firewire compliant for capture and onward download back to dv tape. I am using S-Video for connecting camcorder to TV.

Perhaps I am saving it in the wrong format. Reckon I will see if I can get pinnacle. The software with my Camcorder MGI Wideowave III and that with the PC Power Director don't allow burn to dvd in their current versions.

Thanks all, will keep trying - pretty sure it's me and a familiarity issue and not a hw prob.

  stlucia 12:57 23 Apr 2003

I'm not familiar with your software, but if it doesn't give you the option to save your finished movie in a high-quality MPEG format, then that's probably the cause of the problem. I've also saved in MPEG(VideoCD) format using Pinnacle, and then burned it to a video CD using Roxio, and the result is certainly not as bad as your "pair of tights" result.

Note that I've also seen it reported on this forum that it's best to use your editing software for downloading, editing, and creating your MPEG (or whatever) files, and then to use your separate burning software to put the files onto a video CD or a DVD. Software which claims to both edit and burn often compromises on both functions.

  carlos 15:04 23 Apr 2003

posted this a while back but my phrasing must naive or stupid. Am taking loads of films on my Sony minidvcam but havn't got time to edit etc at the mo. Is there a way of taking the footage off the tapes, onto the PC and then storing the miniDV "raw"footage on CD, for eg? Or do I have to create a movie firstly? Or am I asking too much? Basically, I want to free up tapes and have a store of the footage on a cheaper medium , for later editing.Got Pinnacle Studio DV which works fine when I've made VCD movie of some of footage; no tights in sight......
Apologies for "cross-posting" but this thread seems to be in a similar ball-park

  stlucia 15:19 23 Apr 2003

You can in theory save the raw data files onto your HDD and then onto a CD, but space is the problem because they'll be massive (1Gb will only be a couple of minutes of original data).

Buying more tapes is probably the cheapest option!

  MichelleC 15:49 23 Apr 2003

If you're ptt (printing to tape) you'll need to render to avi. When ptt turn off all b/g progs except syst tray and explorer as this operation is as delicate as capturing, and frame loss will occur.

Pinnacle S7 is fine, S8 has a few bugs. VW3 is ok, VW5 is bug-ridden. Video Factory is rock solid.

  carlos 17:33 23 Apr 2003

Ah! Ok, understand, stlucia( thanks again)
MichelleC, not sure what you mean by printing to tape? What format is the "film" captured as? eg in still digicams it's tiff or jpeg, for eg. If the format is so large, what's the point of using this when it's then going to be made into a much smaller mpeg( I understand that avis, tho bigger than VCD for example, are still not as good quality. Oh dear, a long way for me to go yet!

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