DV Camcorders

  Migwell 00:18 12 Mar 2003

Has anyone got any advice for buying DV camcorders. IE what is realy usefull and what is a waste of time. I would like to be able to edit on the computer and then send the result back out to the DV camcorder again when finished.

Doyou know of any good sites for hints etc. and where the best places to buy from?

I know that is a lot of questions but any help will be fantastic. Thanks MIGWELL

  aitch 06:23 12 Mar 2003

Purchase a copy of 'Digital Video made Easy'from WHSmiths etc. (£4-99). Has all the info you need, help/ website/ discussion room/cameras/ tutorials etc try their website.click here
Hope this helps, regards, Aitch

  MichelleC 09:49 12 Mar 2003

You'll need 1 with dv 'in' enabled. Another point to note if you're running xp is that os doesn't support some dv camcords so you'll save a lot of hassle to check 1st.

  Patr100 11:13 12 Mar 2003

DV in - really useful

Digital zoom - waste of time. unlike optical zoom.

  stlucia 12:47 12 Mar 2003

Good optical zoom -- at least 10 times.

DV-in can often be enabled by 3rd-party software after you've got your camera.

  rickf 16:50 12 Mar 2003

so is dv out. movie maker2 for xp is really easy to use. very good for a beginner.

  Stuartli 19:41 12 Mar 2003

The Sony DSR-P8 at £649 including delivery from click here is around £350 less than at some other suppliers.

My son got one about a month ago; it's remarkably tiny, has a superb zoom, image stabiliser, is incredibly quiet whilst running (essential when recording speech) and comes with a full set of leads, connections etc. Picture and sound are first class.

There are, of course, many other features.

  Stuartli 19:42 12 Mar 2003

You can edit the Sony's recordings on a computer system as much as you like and, when transferred back to tape, the quality is exactly the same as the original. That's the beauty of digital.....

  siouxah1 22:25 12 Mar 2003

Have a look here for DV editing etc.

click here

Regards Brian j

  MaffPink 23:16 12 Mar 2003

I bought a Panasonic NV-GX7B from 'lets go digital' about a week ago. I was choosing between the Sony DCR-P8 and the Panasonic. I spent £689.00 on my camera - i have seen some shops advertise it for £1050. I am very pleased with my camera. it offers everything the sony offers and also has the ability to take 1.2 megapixel stills and store them onto an SD memory card.
As far as where to buy from, i advise you to choose the model you want, then go on pricerunner.co.uk (consumer review site) and search for the model your after. It then comes up with a whole list of places where you can buy your camera at the cheapest places in the U.K. It also gives you reviews by customers of the services of the individual shops.
I used this site to find 'lets go digital'. They offered the cheapest price for my camera in the U.K and also had 30 out of 30 customer service reviews that where all extremely positive about their service.
I was well impressed by 'Lets Go Digital', they offer free next day delivery if u order before 3pm, if not it comes the next day as i did in my case. Everything i've read about this company has been positive and my experience has been smooth, a lot smoother than big companies because they are more concentrated on their customers and they have to give good service and low prices to compete with the reputable, big name companies such as dabs and empire direct.
By now u probably think i work for them or something as i'm plugging them so much - i can assure you i dont, i was just extremely impressed by them.
Anyway, you cant go wrong with either camera

p.s. Don't be put of by 'lets go digitals' less than impressive website!!!

  Stuartli 23:20 12 Mar 2003

I found letsgodigital an excellent company to deal with (I ordered the Sony on behalf of my son as he is out during the day) and the camcorder arrived safely the day after being ordered; it was sent via BusinessPost.

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