a dusty pc

  morgueman 16:18 10 May 2007

I was just wondering, recently my pc broke down, so i took of the sides to have alook inside. When i did, i noticed it was quite dusty inside, especially where the fans were, but also just generally. I hoover the thing out but very rarely, so i was just wondering, should you clean out the inside of the pc on a regular basis and if so, how?
Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this,


  skidzy 16:46 10 May 2007

Although using a hoover can help if used very carefully your best bet is get hold of a can of compressed air to clean these fans.

Ive seen computers that have never been spring cleaned and i guess most think they do not need looking after.

A start for you:
Compressed Air for PC click here

  Gongoozler 16:47 10 May 2007

You should try to keep fan blades and heatsink fins clean, especially those of the CPU cooler. I use a vacuum cleaner hose nozzle and long cotton buds (I bought a pack years ago for cleaning cassette tape heads). How often you need to do this depends on how dusty the environment you keep the pc in, but once a year should be enough.

  bjh 18:11 10 May 2007

"They" say (so I don't know how reliable it is) that you shouldn't use a vacuum cleaner as the air flow and the plastic nozzle can make a large static charge. I'd also think the suck is too strong for smaller components.

You can get USB powered vacuums designed for this very job. They are cute, but they do the job as well

click here
click here

Not tried either of these particular models, but I have a "no name" yellow job from Ebuyer that certainly does the job

A Camera blower brush also does good stuff, and a pair of fine forceps or tweezers can get that cat hair out.

  Gongoozler 18:38 10 May 2007

bjh, I wouldn't use the vacuum cleaner directly on the components because the plastic nozzle can build up a static charge which, if it touched the pins of the chip could theoretically cause damage. The fins of the heatsink are a different matter, and I've never had any problem. I don't think it's necessary to clean everything anyway, it's only the CPU, northbridge and the graphics chips that dissipate significant heat, and the cooling fans blow dust into the heatsink fins. The fan blades also collect dust which spoils the aerodynamics rather like icing of aircraft wings. I use the extension hose of the Dyson simply because it does have a very strong suck, and I've never had a CPU cooler fly off yet ;-)

  wee eddie 18:53 10 May 2007

A Hair Dryer usually manages to move most of the loose dust.

Many women have them.

Turn off the heat > Fit the restrict nozzle > Turn it on full.

  Diemmess 19:26 10 May 2007

Depending on how adventurous you are -

Simply blow the gajoity of circuit board dust away, and vac the bottom of the case.

Fans and their heatsinks can be quietened and made wholly efficient by removing them carefully and sweeping clean with a suitable artist's paintbrush.
Gongoozler is spot on - highlighting the need for this, the dust is really firm, fine and clay-like and needs some serious attention.

  bjh 23:32 10 May 2007

I'd also recommend changing fans rather than cleaning them, if they are just "stock" cheapies. Most are less than a pound, and it's not worth the hassle of cleaning them (and possibly leaving them to fail when you least expect it). I keep a collection of various sizes, and change them over as needed.

  Gongoozler 09:15 11 May 2007

Most CPU fans are fixed to the heat sink fins by 4 self tapping screws. Its very easy to remove the fan in order to clean the fins and fan blades, or to replace the fan without disturbing the critical heat sink to processor thermal bond.

  dom dom 10:06 11 May 2007

I just find out that in my HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE there are a huge ammont of files that do not need and actually may cause my PC to slow down.
I never went into this before, my question is:
The PC is actually very slow on start up: takes ages to upload programs!

  wee eddie 10:34 11 May 2007

Maybe you posted in this thread accidentally?

If that is what you did, Copy your Post here and use it to start Yourself a new thread.

p.s. Before you do anything, make a "Restore Point"

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