Dust galore!

  goll_y 16:07 29 May 2003

Just taken off my side of my tower and to my horror there is so much dust and cobwebs!! Would it be a good idea to give it a clean and what is the best way?

  AndySD 16:09 29 May 2003

Go down the local camera or PC shop and get a can of compressed Air and blow it out.

  Rayuk 16:13 29 May 2003

If it is as bad as you make it out I would hurry and take advantage of todays weather and do it outside.
That is if you are enjoying the same conditions as here in Manchester.

  citadel 18:19 29 May 2003

I keep my computer room well hoovered and dusted. The result is when I open up the computer it is dust free.

  soy 18:28 29 May 2003

When you get it cleaned out, think about where you place your tower. You should place it on your desk or some place high up to avoid dust. Having the tower close to the ground just draws in dust from the floor and carpet.

  Sir Radfordin™ 18:50 29 May 2003

Compressed air is the best thing...but don't buy the stuff from PC Wrodl (PC Line Air Duster) because its really really poor.

  -pops- 18:56 29 May 2003

A machine I was asked to look at once was totally disgusting inside. Everything was dripping with a black sticky goo and it smelled worse than it looked. The owner of the machine was a heavy smoker and he kept his ashtray immediately in front of the air intake grill at the front of the computer.

I put the side back on and told him there was nothing I could do.


  powerless 19:57 29 May 2003

Yes there was -pops-

Tell him: DO NOT SMOKE!

  -pops- 21:42 29 May 2003


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