Duplicated e-mails.

I have sent a colleague an e-mail at work from home. After receiving it the first time he keeps receiving the same one at 5 minute intervals even though my PC is off. He has received the same e-mail 14 times now!! Any ideas why and how we can stop it?

  Taff™ 10:21 27 Dec 2007

Is he getting it through a company e-mail system or a personal mail system configured to work at the company?

It sounds like either a fault with the former or a large file attachment on another e-mail timing out with the latter.

It is a company e-mail system. The attachment was a small excel file. Is it the work e-mail server?

  Taff™ 10:32 27 Dec 2007

If your colleague has received your e-mail with the small attachment it`s more than likely that it is the company system. I presume mail is downloaded from the company`s ISP and then redistributed from the company mail server.

If however your colleague downloads e-mail direct from a domain name it could be an e-mail with another corrupt or large attachment causing the mail download to stall. It will then make further attempts (downloading your e-mail every time) until it is successful. The way round this is to log into the account using webmail and see what other e-mails are on the server. If they can see a troublesome e-mail it is best to delete it and inform the sender.

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