Duplicate jpegs - 2 of everything in same location

  Rigor 18:57 02 Sep 2004

can anyone explain why when i do a search on my pc that it shows up two of every picture file and they are in the same location. also when using windows explorer i can see 2 'my documents' folders, one stemming from the desk top and one from 'my computer'. should i delete one of these to prevent my hard drive filling up twice as quick as it should. any help appreciated please - it's doing my head in!!!. ric

  Simon_P 19:13 02 Sep 2004

I don’t know about the images,(possibly cache images of thumbnails) but the "My documents" on your desktop is probably a short cut to the one in my computer and therefore will take up no room on your drive.

Right click icon on desktop and click on the find target button to see where it is located (Win XP) not sure if it is the same in win 9x

  Simon_P 18:28 03 Sep 2004


  Rigor 14:35 14 Sep 2004

thanks simon. when i do a search (from start menu) it shows that there are two identicle image files in the same folder location. what i've discovered is that when i delete one they both dissapear so it is not actually two files the same. all the same it's a bit confusing. try it on your pc. it's the same on my brothers. in windows xp just go to start/search, pictures then click top of column (name) in details view. i bet it will be the same as mine. it's not posible to have two files the same name in the same folder as well. thanks for your response anyway.

  Simon_P 18:21 14 Sep 2004

Mine only shows one of each.

I must admit I dont know why it would show two of each.

Hopefully someone else may know the answer

  VoG II 19:11 14 Sep 2004

I don't know the answer but I've discovered that it does this on mine as well. Odd...

  Cook2 23:47 14 Sep 2004

Only one of each shown on mine.

  Cook2 23:47 14 Sep 2004

Only one of each shown on mine.

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