Duplicate files appearing on Ext. HDD

  second best 14:44 15 Nov 2010


About 2 weeks back I decided to back up my files on C: to my external HDD's as I was worried my C: drive was going to fail. (Dell Studio 540- It has happened once already after about 2 weeks out of the box)

Since then, and i've only just noticed today, if i don't have my external HDD swithed on, I can't access my files on C: If i create a New Folder for instance on C:, it will appear in real time on my Ext. HD

Any ideas?

I've just tried a batch renmae in Photoshop, but this duplicate folder issue seems to be screwing it up.


  Nontek 14:52 15 Nov 2010

How did you back them up? Only really safe way to create backups onto an external drive, is to use Acronis, or one of the other well known back-up programs.

It looks as if you have moved the files to the external drive, rather than Copying them??

  second best 14:59 15 Nov 2010

Thanks Nontek. I simply copied the files to my ext. hdd

The files are there on both C: drive and my external. If i create a file on either drive it copies it to the other in real time. Seems like a RAID setup from what little i know about it, but i simply copied my documents to my Ext. HDD

It's baffling me coz I can't batch resize my folder.

  Nontek 15:19 15 Nov 2010

You might think you have the files on both, but from your initial post those on C: that you have moved, might only be the files shortcut icons.

Or it could be that you have copied the shortcut icons to the external drive, and not the actual files.

Afraid I know nothing about RAID setups, but I have two external drives, one of which is for my backups (using Acronis) - have never had any problems.

  second best 15:29 15 Nov 2010

I see what you're saying Nontek, but they dont have the little arrows to suggest shortcuts.

If i create a new pic in Photoshop and save it to the desktop, it also appreas on my Ext. HDD and vice versa.

Very strange.

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