duplicate files

  rwp77ox 21:42 31 Oct 2009

Long story short, I have a backup drive with several directories which are part duplicated.
1 is what I call the master, another is the result of a partial transer of the master to an old computer then copied back to the backup drive. The third is there because my wife thought she was trying to help. The last directory is on my new machine and is only the files we have updated from the "master".
Oh good I thought as I read the cover of this months DVD, some software to help! So I installed the 1-ABC.net Duplicate finder off the disc, registered it and then ran it.
What a disapointment, It found 30 copied jpg's, a couple of .txt files and completely ignored the 120mb of duplicate files I wanted it to find. And Yes they are all still there.
Am I alone, or has any body else found this application wanting? Is there any body out there with any good ideas? I've avoided the simple "sit there, open every suspect file, figure our which is the most recent, and delete the other one." as I havn't got the three months to waste!
Thanks for reading, RWP77OX

  rdave13 22:40 31 Oct 2009

Best way is to figure out how you can do it manually and not take three months to do it. Check what photos, music, and any other favourite files you need and save to an external drive and create duplicate backups. Then delete the redundant files on your PC.
If you hadn't been so lazy in the first place this problem wouldn't have occurred, if you don't mind me saying so.
These 'duplicate files remover/finders' can create havoc as well as being useless.

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