Duplicate e-mails

  taffy101 10:11 15 Dec 2006

Recently I have been receiving quite a few duplicate e-mails. The e-mails are exact duplicates except for the recieved time which differ by a few minutes. Does anyone know what causes this?

Yesterday I received three copies of the PC Advisor newsletter. This has also been happening with friends' e-mail accounts and who have different Internet providers. I know I have only sent one of each e-mail when my friends have received two of it. Whilst not a serious problem it can be somewhat of a nuisance and I wondered what causes it.

  kinger 21:49 15 Dec 2006

1. How to stop receiving duplicate email messages

There are a few things you can check to stop duplicate email messages.

Start by checking Rules to be sure that copies are not being made to the Inbox, and make sure that all your rules end in "Stop Processing" actions.

Then check the task manager to be sure that there is only one instace of Outlook running. Two instances of outlook.exe running can produce two messages arriving at the same time. You will need to then determine why two instances of Outlook were running in the first place.

Another thing you can do is to delete/remove ALL your e-mail accounts and recreate them. This worked for some people.

Also, if your running Outlook XP, be sure that you are at service pack 2 or later. You can tell if you need to upgrade at Microsoft Product Updates.

Finally, another person had this happen when he had two e-mail accounts set up - using two e-mail addresses, but the same POP3 incoming and same SMTP outgoing. What happened is that the second account was getting the e-mails from the POP3 server before they were actually deleted after the first account was finished. If this is the problem you can disable the receive on the second account. There is a Microsoft article explaining the problem more thoroughly at click here.

2. How to prevent sending duplicate email messages

Sending multiple email messages can be the result of Norton Anti-Virus and Outlook combined. Apparently when Norton scans outgoing emails it may send it out twice. The quick fix is to change the Norton properties to not scan outgoing messages, but you may want to consult the Symantec Knowledge Base about your software.

  namtas 21:58 15 Dec 2006

I had this problem recently, I think that it was all to do with server as I had not made any changes at all to any of my PCs to cause this. I eventually selected to leave emails on the server, after 24 hrs I removed the request and went back to normal, since then no more problems

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