Dump Your E-mail address to avoid Spam?

  Habsish 19:17 09 Nov 2006

I have an e-mail address I have been using for about 9 years.

I have been reasonably careful how I use it but it is included in my own website that is used for business plus I use it for my personal e-mails.

Probably have a dump of about 50 odd spams a day.

My ISP has provided various filters, which has helped (a case where a small ISP, I have used for years, provides good helpful and advisory tech support to the extent I know the personalities who I infrequently contact. In addition my Spam Software McAfee clears many others although they seem to struggle with the changes.

I am considering changing my e-mail address. Any thoughts on how long my situation is going to be Spam free or at least substantially reduced?

Advice please.

Kind regards


  sean-278262 19:30 09 Nov 2006

about 5 -6 weeks tops. However most people who use the no spam method of email addresses.

myemail @at something dot. com and a comment to say appologies for the use of the non standard method. Many variations exsist on that form so anything at all. Others include using an image file to show the address but this is less favoured as it means people have to remember the address rather than the copy and paste they can do with text.

Alternative options you can have include using 2 addresses 1 as your private main one. And the other the one you give on your website and non trusted sources. Then add both to outlook and remove the spam account one when spam starts to become annoying and load a new one in its place.

  radi8or 20:00 09 Nov 2006


Give this a try click here

Regards Bob

  Input Overload 21:19 09 Nov 2006

I've been with Zen over 2 years and get 1 or 2 spam's a week.

  spiker 23:36 09 Nov 2006

Do a Google search for your email address and then get it removed from every site that has published it.

Turn it in to a non-clickable image, or write the link to the computer screen using javascript code (with the actual email address in "fragments"), or use an email form (with the email address coded into the back-end code script and NOT in the HTML code that is served to the user).

I did that 18 months ago, and spam has dropped from 300 per day to less than 20 per week (except having joined this forum I suddenly received several hundred spams because email addresses appear in your profile screen - and can be harvested - unless you tick a box to hide them).

  Miros 00:46 10 Nov 2006

Try this easy one click here
Eprompter is free and easy to use.

  Habsish 18:36 10 Nov 2006

Thanks to those who were kind enough to respond. Will try some of the options.

Spiker - tried inputing my e-mail address into Google and got 2 vague returns.

May be that I am not so bad off as I thought I was after having the same e-mail address for so many years.

Spamers waste so much time and cause everyone so much hassle. Be nice if someone did something about it.

Kind regards


  bluto1 23:18 10 Nov 2006


  Stuartli 00:27 11 Nov 2006

One of my offspring acquired the family surname plus co.uk and I've never had a spam e-mail through it.

In fact the only one that delivers spam is, as with Habsish, one I have had for more than eight years.

But it is so tied up in dealings in so many areas, especially online transactions, that I am reluctant to change it, even though I left the ISP concerned six months ago (maintained with a PAYG account).

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