Dula layer DVD play back question...

  nick_j007 11:51 03 Jan 2007

Hi all,

Will a dual layer DVD holding home movie material from a mini DV tape play back on home DVD players?

I seem to recall reading that it will only play back on PC's?

Thought I should establish this before I go ahead and buy some dual layer blanks...especially considering the cost of the blanks!


  nick_j007 00:22 04 Jan 2007

Please...just an answer to let me know I'm not alone out here...I mean anything...just a sign....knock once for no...twice for yes!

  PaulB2005 07:03 04 Jan 2007

I believe you'll have more success with DVD+R on home DVD players.

The other problem is your DVD player. Our 4 year old home theatre DVD setup doesn't like some burnt DVDs but the kids cheapo brand DVD players don't seem to have any problems.

If you shop around some good brand DL DVD can be had for as little as £8 for 5.

  PaulB2005 07:07 04 Jan 2007

See also


click here

Discs can be read in many DVD devices (older units are less compatible) and can only be created using DVD+RW DL and Super Multi drives.


From click here

DVD-R DL has compatibility issues with legacy DVD-ROM drives known as pickup head overrun.

  eedcam 09:23 04 Jan 2007

I use Verbatim duallayer + r with no problems. should'nt matter if your dvd player does not take +r's which mine does not they still play ok

  rodriguez 09:37 04 Jan 2007

Dual-layer discs should play back on any player. Most films are in dual-layer format to fit all the extras on it. If you look at the back of films, they'll say something like "DVD-9 dual-layer format may trigger a slight pause" near the bottom. The only problem you might have is whether your DVD player is compatible with +, - or both formats. A lot of players now work with both but some older ones will only accept one or the other, such as the Panasonic I've got downstairs will only take - discs.

  eedcam 17:54 05 Jan 2007

Not always so as said earlier my pioneer wont play +r's yet the D/layers +r's I used all play its to do with the book-type which gets changed to dvd-rom if I remember rightly.

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